20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge

Title Drawing Design by Elizabeth Stilwell www.thenotepasser.com

Title Drawing Design by Elizabeth Stilwell www.thenotepasser.com

Title Drawing Design by Elizabeth Stilwell www.thenotepasser.com

Have you got your head around the topic of sustainable fashion? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stories of toxic fashion and the human toll of disasters such as Rana Plaza? With all the media attention on the negative social and environmental impacts of fast fashion, it is easy to feel that, as a consumer, there is so little that you can do. How can one person have an impact on the global system? Surely my choices won’t have an impact? But I believe in the power of small actions. I believe that each of us has the opportunity to shape the world with each of our individual actions, day-by-day. Change needs to start somewhere, and the best place for change to start is with you.

With more and more designers and labels choosing to bring us ethical and sustainable fashion, we now have a plethora of choices when it comes to buying fashion that fits with our own values and ethics. As consumers we can give sustainable brands a reason to keep producing, or we can give fast fashion brands a reason not to change. Our dollar can have a powerful impact if we choose to invest where our values lie.

But there is so much more to having a sustainable wardrobe than just swapping our conventional fashion shopping for more sustainably minded labels, although this is a critical part. Having a sustainable wardrobe requires us to consider where we source our clothing, how we wear and use our clothing, and what our relationship to shopping and consumerism is. It also requires us to think about what we do with our clothing once it wears out. We need know which textiles are sustainable, why quality matters, and which shops and labels we can count on to buy our sustainable fashion from.

The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge will guide you through all of these topics and more, giving you a easily digestible but comprehensive introduction to sustainable fashion, enabling you to confidently approach your wardrobe in a way that takes care of the earth and fits within your budget. Ultimately sustainable fashion is about consuming fewer items and in a smarter manner, so learning to live with a sustainable wardrobe will help to save you money in the long run.

If you want to take care of the environment without sacrificing your sense of style and your love of fashion, the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge is the place to start. You will receive daily emails with a new tip or task each day , so it can easily fit around your normal daily life, and if you do fall behind, you can simply save the daily emails in a folder and work through them at your own pace.

Here is what one of the Challenge participants has had to say about the process:

Being a newcomer to eco-friendly fashion, the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge has been extremely beneficial in helping me evaluate all aspects of my fashion choices. The easy to follow tips have helped me with everything from making the most of my existing wardrobe, to creating a realistic budget for future purchases, to making informed decisions about fabrics and labels, to repurposing unwearable garments. I’ve loved the creative challenge of restyling some forgotten pieces and sharing my outfits on Twitter. One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the Challenge is that while often expensive, sustainable fashion isn’t necessarily out of reach. I now understand that by factoring the cost per wear of a quality, sustainable item that will last for years versus a cheaply made item that will only last for a few wears, you can actually save money in the long run by building a quality over quantity wardrobe. I now feel that I have the tools to make a positive environmental impact through my fashion choices. I highly recommend the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge to anyone interested in creating an eco-friendly wardrobe.”

Myra, United States

Upon completing the Challenge, another participant said:

“Thank you for these daily updates, they have been practical, useful and inspiring. I might miss them tomorrow, but at least I have your blog!” 

Sasha, Australia

Do you believe that you have the potential to shape the world of fashion? Join the Challenge and let us make a start together. The Challenge is completely free so why not give it a try? Join me in this journey to living more sustainably without sacrificing style in the process. I’d love to welcome you on this journey with me.

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 Title drawing design by Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer www.thenotepasser.com