Christmas wishlist: Eco leather bike bag from UNA


The holidays can be our least sustainable time of year. Mountains of wrapping paper is used once, torn and then tossed away. Money is wasted on gifts that we aren’t even sure that our loved ones want or, more importantly, need. I love the sentiments of the holidays, and sharing gifts with my loved ones is something that I cherish. I also enjoy receiving gifts when the giver chooses something special that I will put to good use. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I am all about practical gifts. In my opinion, the best gift you can find is something that your loved one needs, but it can be still be something special enough that they might not normally treat themselves to it. This bike bag by UNA is ideal gift for me- I would love it myself, and I can think of others who would make good use of it too.

This innovative design features straps that you can slip over your handle bars, making it the ideal stylish but practical bag for those who cycle to work. I wouldn’t normally splurge on such a special bag just for riding to work, but it is highly practical and meets my needs- that is what makes it such a special gift.

The UNA range is Fair-trade certified, made with eco-leather (an environmentally alternative way of treating leather as compared to conventional leather) and includes organic cotton lining. A quality leather bag like this one will last you decades, so you won’t need to buy replacement anytime soon. It is the ideal sustainable gift, providing, of course, that your loved one actually has a use for it!

If you are having trouble thinking of stuff that your loved ones actually need this year, then the alternative is don’t buy stuff, but buy experiences instead. Perhaps a massage gift certificate or a facial, perhaps an offer to babysit for free so that tired parents can have a night off, or perhaps a basket of fair trade chocolates and goodies that will be eaten rather than take up space in overflowing cupboards. This time of year is a lovely time to share gifts with our loved ones, and if we think carefully about what we give we can ensure that we can give sustainably. Happy hunting!

Have you got any favourite sustainable gift suggestions? I’d love to hear them!