Ethical engagement rings by Zoe Pook


A while back I wrote about my search for ethical and eco-friendly jewellery and the guilt that I feel about my engagement and wedding rings, which were bought before I made the decision to shop sustainably and ethically. For those of you who haven’t yet purchased your engagement ring, I am happy to say that you don’t need to break your ethical considerations in order to have a beautiful diamond ring.

Fair trade gold engagement rings

These beautiful rings by Zoe Pook Jewellery are handmade in Australia with ethically-sourced Australian diamonds, and internationally-sourced Fairtrade-certified gold. These rings are the perfect choice for the ethically conscious bride. Australian-sourced gemstones ensure that miners have a fair and safe workplace. Diamonds sourced from Australia are guaranteed conflict-free, and the environmental legislation means that the environmental impacts of gemstone mining, whilst not avoided, are somewhat reduced in comparison to diamonds sourced from developing countries. Fair-trade certified gold is sourced from small artisanal mining activities ensure that workers receive a fair wage and have a safe workplace, as well as access to social and environmental protections. Fair-trade certification also ensures the responsible use of chemicals in mining activities, which provides some degree of environmental protection, but as with the diamonds, the environmental impacts of mining are not avoided entirely.

For those prefer to avoid about the environmental impacts of mining as much as possible, you can also opt for recycled gold options, such as this one:

Recycled gold engagement rings

I highly recommend checking out the collection at Zoe Pook Jewellery if you are on the hunt for an ethical engagement or wedding ring.