Sustainable Optical and Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear

A few months back I booked in to see an optometrist. I had been getting tired achy eyes and headaches at work for months, and I hadn’t had my eyes checked in a decade, so it was long overdue. After a short consultation I received the prognosis- I needed reading glasses- so before I knew it I was in the shopfront choosing frames. It all happened so quickly. It crossed my mind that there was no way in hell that these lovely frames I was choosing from were ethical or sustainable. I wondered, should I do some research before leaping into the purchase? Surely ethical and sustainable eye wear doesn’t exist? Right? Well, that’s what I assumed. So guiltily I bought chose a pair of designer frames that I was certain were not ethical or sustainable. But at least they looked good on me.

Well, months later, I don’t regret my purchase- the glasses do look good on me. But I do regret my assumption that an ethical and sustainable option didn’t exist. Because I have recently discovered that it actually isn’t the case. But back then I hadn’t come across Proof Eyewear. If I had, I may have chosen this lovely pair of frames

Proof Eyewear Optical Eyeglasses

Proof Eyewear frames are handcrafted with sustainable hardwoods, such as bamboo, ebony and lacewood, or they use a plant-based acetate which is completely biodegradable and renewable. They also use recycled metal for their logo and accents. There are still some components that use non-renewable virgin materials (lenses and hinges), but these glasses are a far more sustainable choice than conventional frames. Proof Eyewear products are ethically manufactured in the US, and a proportion of their profits are used to fund surgeries in India which restore sight to people with preventable blindness.

It is too late for my eyeglasses to be sustainable, but I have already chosen my next pair of sunglasses. Check these out

Proof Eyewear Black Lunnar Sunglasses


If you are in the market for eyeglasses or sunglasses, I hope you will consider Proof Eyewear.