DIY Baby Balm


Baby Bottom Balm

This week I had the opportunity to guest post on UK-based sustainable living blog Moral Fibres, where I presented my own recipe for baby bottom balm- a soothing natural balm that helps to prevent nappy rash. It is a very simple recipe that anyone can make in their kitchen, no special tools necessary. Easy for even the busiest mum.


With all natural ingredients, it also makes a lovely soothing balm for irritated skin  and trouble dry spots such as heels elbows and knees, suitable for young and old alike. Pop on over to Moral Fibres for the full recipe and tutorial.

  • Rachel

    Hi, how long will this last for? I’d love to be organised and make some of this ahead of my own arrival, but I don’t want to jump the gun and be so organised it goes off!

  • Hi Rachel, Congratulations on your impending arrival! 3-6 months is usually advised for this type of thing. But I have a pot left over from when my first child was a baby, and it still smells fine. He is 4 and a half now! As long as you store in a cool cupboard away from direct sunlight, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble. Most oils tend smell rancid when they are off, but even when they smell funny they are still safe to use on your skin. That is the beauty of using natural products.
    Of course, these haven’t been scientifically tested for safety, so please use your own judgement. I cannot guarantee anything. Some people have more sensitive skin than me. But I’ve still used that left over cream on my almost 2 year old and haven’t had any issues :)

    • Rachel

      great, sounds good! I will get making! x

      • Awesome! Have fun, and enjoy your new little baby when he/she arrives :)