Where To Buy Sustainable Fashion Basics

When I started on my sustainable fashion journey I expected to find beautiful sustainable designer pieces to save up for invest in for my wardrobe. And I did find these easily. I also expected to find some plain basics such as organic cotton t-shirts. But I was certain that most basics- socks, underwear and alike- would be impossible to find. In the fashion world there is little glory in making these every day basics, so who would care enough to make a sustainable version? Surely organic cotton socks don’t exist?

Well I am happy to say that my assumptions were wrong, and there are companies that care enough to make a range of sustainable basics the ethically and environmentally conscious consumer. So here are my picks for sustainable fashion basics (and where you can find them).

1. People Tree*

UK-based Fair Trade and sustainable fashion label People Tree* make a range of men’s and women’s clothing. They don’t only produce basics, but in their collection you can find a good range of basic t-shirts, leggings, women’s tracksuit, pajamas and even hand-knitted slippers and bed-socks.

People Tree offer tortoise & lady grey readers a special discount of 10% on all full priced purchases. Simply use the code GREY10 at the check out.

2. Maggie Organics

US-based Maggie Organics sells a simple range of Fair Trade organic basics, including socks, tights and leggings, tanks and camisoles, baby basics, and scarves.

3. PACT Apparel*

US-based PACT Apparel* sell a range of sweat-shop free organic cotton basics for men and women, and their products are even manufactured in a wind-powered factory! They are my personal favourite when it comes to sustainable basics. They have an excellent range, including underpants, socks, tights and leggings, t-shirts, tanks, camisoles, basics dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies and even baby wear.

4. Pants to Poverty

UK-based Pants to Poverty produce a range of Fair Trade organic cotton underwear for both men and women. UK customers can buy them online from Frank and Faith* or the Ethical Superstore*, and Australian customers can buy them through Fair Trade Shop*.

5. Eco Fabrik*

Eco Fabrik* stock a small range of plain sustainable basics, including men’s and women’s t-shirts (including polo shirts), underwear and baby onesies. For simple basics they are a good affordable option. But if you want cute prints and unusual colours, you will have to look elsewhere.

6. Living Crafts

Living Crafts have a name that is somewhat misleading, but they sell a good quality range of GOTS certified basics for men, women and children. They offer a really board range of products, including underwear and socks, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and hoodies. A great place to find your wardrobe essentials that will pare well with the feature items in your wardrobe. They are based in Germany, and offer shipping to many countries, but it is most affordable for shoppers in Europe and the UK.

Here are some ethical and sustainable organic cotton basics that I have curated for you:

So next time your underwear draw needs restocking, it is easy enough to find some good quality ethical and sustainable basics to fill it with.


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*denotes an affiliate link. If you click on this link and choose to make a purchase, I may receive a very small commission. (The price is the same for you) This helps to support my blogging activities. I only recommend products that strongly align with my ethical and environmental standards, and would not consider sharing an item on the blog that didn’t meet these standards.

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  • Hi Summer, I’ve been on the hunt for socks that don’t include plastic fibres. Every time I find one that looks promising, closer inspection reveals they are 15-30% Nylon, spandex, etc. Do 100% natural socks exist or am I going to have to knit my own?! Thanks for your help. Tammy

    • Great question Tammy. Yes spandex is included in almost everything- including the organic cotton socks I’ve linked to in this post. It is challenging. I think I have come across pure woollen socks, but I can’t think of where it was. If I find it again, I will let you know.

      Yes, you may well need to knit your own if you want completely pure. That has been on my list of things to do- particularly for my bed/house socks, as I don’t like wearing slippers.

      • Thanks Summer, I’ll let you know if I find something too.