Stunning Plant-dyed Fiber Art Jewellery by Gamma Folk


One of the reasons I love buying from independent makers and artisans is that I have the opportunity to support someone who is following their heart and making a living out of doing something that they love. One look at the stunning fiber art jewellery of Gamma Folk and you’ll know you you’ve found a true labour of love. Gamma Folk is the label of New York-based jewellery designer and maker Lily Piyathaisere. Stunning modern pieces are constructed from natural fibers hand-dyed with plant materials, artfully matched with wood and ceramics. The final result is a range of eye-catching statement jewellery that will dress up even the plainest of outfits. A perfect way to accent a minimalist wardrobe. 

Gamma Folk Necklace 3

Photo credit: Gamma Folk

Gamma Folk Dye Materials

Photo Credit: Gamma Folk Plant-based dye materials

GammaFolk Necklace 1

Photo credit: Gamma Folk

With international delivery available, and costs of postage being reasonably low, it is well worth popping over to the Gamma Folk website to see if any of the piece pique your interest. Using your fashion dollars to support a creative to do what they love- I can’t think of a better way build a sustainable wardrobe!

I’d also like to give a shout out to the lovey New-York based sustainable fashion blog Spades + Silk, which is where I first came across these lovely pieces. I hope you’ve enjoyed them too!


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