5 Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow


When I started tortoise & lady grey, my aim was for this blog to bring together sustainable style inspiration, information about environmental issues in fashion, with learning skills to embrace a slow fashion approach to our wardrobes. The blog aims to be a comprehensive repository for information about sustainable fashion brands, accompanied by detailed articles that keep you well informed about sustainable fashion issues. My reason for this was that in my own sustainable fashion journey I found that I had to know the right questions to ask, and email designers to get a full understanding about whether their processes were truly sustainable. Rather than keep this information to myself, I thought it was worth sharing. I also believe that DIY skills are central to achieving a sustainable wardrobe, and I hope to inspire readers to learn new skills, through simple beginner DIY projects in knitting, sewing and other textile arts, along with resources to help develop essential mending skills.

Having not found a blog that covered all the topics I wanted to see covered, I started tortoise & lady grey to fill a gap that I saw. Despite this, there are many, many fabulous sustainable fashion blogs out there that are well worth reading, and I am a keen follower of several of these. Here are 5 blogs that I think are worth checking out, to gain a fresh perspective on sustainable fashion and some new style inspiration.

1. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK based green-lifestyle blog with significant coverage of ethical and sustainable fashion. Written by Wendy Graham, who is based in Edinburgh, the blog has a strong UK focus, but covers topics relevant to the global audience. Wendy believes that sustainable living can be hip, not just hippy, and she shows us that this is the case through her blog. With topics spread across lifestyle, cuisine, home & garden, travel, and families, there is plenty there to inspire you to live more sustainably, without compromising on style. A few of my favourite posts include DIY Reusable Cotton Wool PadsHow To Be A Green Parent (and save money!) and How To Buy Ethical Fashion On A Budget.

2. Ecouterre

Ecouterre is a sustainable fashion blog which posts daily news stories on green trends in the fashion world, and has a wealth of articles on ethical and sustainable fashion brands from across the globe. It is a great place to go if you want to keep up with the latest trends in the eco-fashion world, with it’s own YouTube channel with interviews with designers and backstage peeks into fashion shows. Having operated for several years, it is also great repository in which to search for ethical and sustainable fashion brands, although you may need to do your own further research into to the the full details of the brand’s sustainable fashion credentials. Covering both ethical and sustainable fashion, there a a large number of brands that may not use sustainable fabrics, or may only have incorporated some sustainability elements.

3. The Note Passer

The Note Passer is a New York-based blog written by Elizabeth Stilwell. The blog covers topics around fashion, design and life, with a strong focus on ethical fashion and, increasingly, sustainable living. Elizabeth has some enviable graphic design and photography skills, so I must say that this blog is simply beautiful to look at. It is well worth a visit for the visual inspiration alone. But she also writes some highly informative posts which are very helpful for people wanting to shop more sustainably. Some excellent posts include the Guide to Ethical SwimwearWhere to Buy Vintage Online and I’m A Minimalist.

4. Eco Fashion World

Eco Fashion World features ethical and sustainable fashion brands from across the globe, and curates these into a comprehensive searchable database. If you are looking for something specific that you can’t seem to find elsewhere, this may be the place to find it! The database allows you to search by eco-criteria, such as organic, Fair Trade, recycled, and also by country if you are looking to decrease your postage costs and carbon footprint. The site does charge a fee for listing in their database, so there are many great small-scale sustainable designers and artisans that would be missed. But it is still a useful resource to support sustainable fashion shopping.

5. Kindness By Design

Kindness By Design is a Sydney (Australia)-based blog written by Kendall Benton, who has been blogging to highlight ethical and sustainable brands since 2011. This is another great place to gain inspiration for ethical choices to “maintain a chic green lifestyle”.

I hope these blogs provide you with some more great sustainable style inspiration. Happy reading!

Do you have any favourite sustainable fashion blogs that I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment to let me know!

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