Clean Beauty: My top picks for toxin-free organic lipsticks


When I was younger I used to be a big fan of wearing statement red lipstick. During the day I prefer the no-fuss approach of little or no make-up, but when out of an evening I loved to sport bright red lips usually accompanied with understated eye make up. I’ve always considered my full lips to be my best facial feature, so they always looked lovely accentuated with my favourite shade of red. But when I started dating my now husband, some eleven years ago, he complained that he didn’t want to kiss me with lipstick on, so it wasn’t long before my favourite item of make up was discarded.

To tell you the truth, my husband probably did me a favour by discouraging me from wearing lippy- most lipsticks are known to contain harmful petrochemicals, carcinogens and often even lead. We ingest much of the lipstick we apply, so it is lucky I haven’t been wearing those harmful chemicals for all these years! But lately I find myself wanting a little red lipstick occasionally. In our new life as parents, my husband and I generally need to take turns for our evening socialising, whilst the other stays at home with our lovely toddler. So a little lipstick won’t bother my date- my date is usually back at home, and my girlfriends won’t object to me wearing lippy!

Lucky for the lipstick-loving but toxin-fearing consumer, there are a range of organic toxin-free lipsticks to keep our lips bright without harming our health. Here are my picks- the results of my own shopping research. Keep in mind that I haven’t tried any of these yet, so I can’t currently vouch for their quality or wear, just their clean beauty credentials.

1. Siren Lipstick*

My favourite pick is the Siren Lipstick range by Vapour Organic Beauty. The reason that this brand stands out for me is that they clearly state on their website that the lipstick does not contain nano particles. The minerals used as the colouring agents for the most organic lipsticks are derived from a chemical process that exists in nature, and is generally considered to be a safe and natural alternative to chemical colouring agents. However, some cosmetics contain these minerals as nano particles. Nano particles, most notably used in sunscreen, have been under the spotlight recently due to concerns that the particles may be able to penetrate the cellular level and the potential health impact of this is unknown. There is speculation that these particles could cause harmful side effects after years of use, but at this stage we just don’t know. The fact that Vapour Organic Beauty clearly state that their products do not contain nano particles means that we do not need to worry about this unknown risk. The lipsticks also contain no petrochemicals, or parabens, no lead, and the certified organic base ingredients are nourishing for the fragile skin on your lips. Manufactured in the US, it is also an ethical choice.

2. Adorn Lipstick

Another great toxin-free lipstick option is Adorn Cosmetics, an Australian-based organic beauty label. Their products are also nano-technology free, contain no petrochemicals or parabens, are gluten-free and are vegan. They also keep packaging to a minimum, with no excess packaging. Products also offer refills at a cheaper price to encourage customers to re-use the make-up pots/packaging rather than discard them. Adorn also offer Mineral Lipstix which are a pencil described as lipstick and lip-liner in one. Manufactured in Australia, they are also an ethical choice.

3. Ilia Beauty Lipstick*

Ilia Beauty offer organic, toxin-free lipstick crayons in a limited number of colours. As well as these, they carry a range of lipsticks, and tinted lip-conditioners for a lighter coverage. The Illa Beauty lipstick in Femme Fatale looks to be my best option in terms of finding the deep red that I am looking for in a natural beauty lipstick. These products are all toxin-free and comprised of mostly organic ingredients.

4. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain*

I am pretty excited to try this product which is completely derived from planted-based in ingredients. This is unlike the other products listed, which use minerals to achieve the colour. However, the colour achieved is more of a pink tint, rather than a bright red, so I am not sure it is quite what I am looking for. It achieves a water resistant tint, so it sounds like it is a great product if you want a long lasting subtle enhancement of your lip colour. I would be interested to try it out.

5. Green People Eco Lipstick*

UK-based organic beauty label Green People carry a range of natural, toxin-free lipsticks in three colours- soft pink, soft red and soft brown. Again, these products are toxin-free and natural. Green People offer international shipping to most countries, but they do not deliver the the US.

6. Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick

Lavera Lipstick are manufactured in Germany and meet the rigorous standards for certification in that country. They offer a large range of shades which are claimed to be of runway quality in “striking and provocative hues”. Toxin-free and cruelty free, the products are derived from organic plant-based ingredients along with mineral pigments. Sold through the their US based website, with discounted international shipping for orders over $75,  they are a good option for global customers. I am quite keen to test out their Wild Cherry shade of red, it looks quite striking!

7. Pure Anada Lipstick

Canadian-based Pure Ananda manufacture a range of natural lipsticks, made with plant-based ingredients and mineral tints. They are entirely toxin-free and come in a wide range of colours. Unlike all the other lipstick brands, Pure Anada actually display a photo of each of the shades being worn, so you can get a better sense of the actual shade of the lippy. I quite like the look of the Bordeaux Cherry, a deep red-brown coloured shade. The company website don’t offer online ordering, but they do list the range of online sites which stock their products.

If you are interested in more information on the harms of conventional cosmetics and the chemical ingredients they contain, see the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website for a great array of reports and studies.

So that is my wrap up of the best toxin-free natural lipsticks I could find. I hope they assist you to find the shade you are looking for. Do you have a favourite clean beauty brand that I have missed?

*denotes an affiliate link. If you click on this link and choose to make a purchase, I may receive a very small commission. This helps to support my blogging activities. I only recommend products that strongly align with my ethical and environmental standards, and would not consider sharing an item on the blog that didn’t meet these standards.


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