Stunning Sustainable Lingerie by Larkspur (+ a giveaway!)


Sustainable lingerie isn’t the easiest thing to find, but if you look long enough you can come up with some gems. The stunning sustainable range by Los Angles-based Larkspur is one such gem. And I am super excited to announce that Larkspur have kindly offered to giveaway lovely pair of organic cotton panties for one lucky reader. (More details to follow)

Larkspur is the brain-child and labour of love of designer Amanda Bear. From her studio in LA, Larkspur produces a stunning range of panties, bras, chemises and body suits, handcrafted using high-quality eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton, silk-blends, vintage (re-purposed) silks, and stretch lace.  Larkspur offer free shipping within the US, with very affordable shipping rates worldwide, and their prices are very reasonable considering the quality and style of the products. This makes Larkspur an easy shopping option for the eco-conscious consumer worldwide.

I am quite taken with this wrap

Larkspur lingerie 2

and this body suit

Larkspur lingerie 3

and Luella bra and panty set would be perfect for everyday wear.

Larkspur lingerie 4

Thankfully there are eco-conscious designers, like Amanda, who believe that fashion can and should be sustainable, and are doing their best to make it happen. With designs like these, Larkspur reminds us that we can stick to our ethics and we needn’t ditch style (or sexiness) in the process!

It always interests me to understand the motivations behind the designers driving sustainable fashion change, so I took the time to speak with Amanda about hers. Here is what we spoke about:

What are your motivations for producing sustainable range of lingerie? Why is sustainability so important to your motivations?
I have been working in the fashion industry for a long time now, and just seeing the amount of waste and destruction that happens simply because designers and manufacturers don’t put thought into how their garments are actually being made, is completely offensive to me.  Being conscious about my product is also an important part of the design process for me, and I like to start with a fabric I love, has good quality and I know where it comes from.

What do you see as the unique challenges and also opportunities of working in sustainable fashion?
I think it forces you to come from a different perspective, not just what is on trend that I can sell the most of, but what is going to be appealing, beautiful, lasting, well fitting.  I think a very important part of sustainable fashion is making pieces that last, so that reducing the amount of clothing you are consuming is possible.  For example, I use a thicker than usual, but soft, long staple cotton for my basic underwear, with great fit, so each piece lasts a much longer time than your general department store undies.  It ends up costing the wearer the same in the end, but it’s a better experience for everyone. 
What role do you see for small independent fashion labels in changing the fashion landscape? Are small players there to lead the way- to prompt large fashion multinationals to take more sustainable actions? Or do you see a multitude of small independent labels an alternative model for the fashion economy? 
Well, I can tell you that many smaller manufacturers committed to their employees, I believe, make a better environment for sewers, cutters, and designers. I definitely want larger manufacturers to be committed to being sustainable, but the actions that are so horrible that they do are difficult to be quantified by something like an organic certification.  Things like, dumping dye runoff into rivers in rural china, working laborers 14 hours a day and not letting them leave the factory campuses for long periods of time, not paying living wages in countries where a living wage is microscopically small, so that they can take a penny or two off their cost of production per garment, or even just stealing designs from small designers.  You can do all of those things and still be “organic”.  
Thanks to Amanda for making the time to speak with me.
Larkspurla panties
So, now to the fun part- the giveaway! Larkspur have kindly offered to mail a lovely pair of panties (pictured above) to one lucky reader, and this is open to readers worldwide. To enter all you need to do follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter below. This will be open until September 2nd, with the winner announced September 3rd and notified by email.* Good luck!

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*Winner should reply to the email within 7 days to confirm their prize, otherwise the prize winner will be redrawn.

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Photo By: Image credits: Larkspur