Announcing the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge


Whether you are starting out on your sustainable fashion journey, or you’ve been making changes towards a more sustainable wardrobe for a while, there can be a lot to get your head around. Sustainable fashion is so much more than just switching your fashion consumption to more ethical and sustainable brands. To maintain a more sustainable wardrobe we need to consider how we use the clothes we already own, understand what our shopping habits are, and what we do with our clothes once they are subjected to a bit of wear and tear.

To support you on your sustainable fashion journey have created the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge which takes challengers through all the major considerations in making the shift to a more sustainable wardrobe. It is a easy email-based challenge that gives you a small task or tip each day for 20 days. It is designed to easily fit into your schedule, and the best thing of all is that it is completely free. For more information, please visit theĀ 20 Sustainable Fashion homepage, or your can sign up to the challenge directly below.

Having and maintaining a sustainable wardrobe is easily achievable when know how to approach and you take it one step at a time. Fast track your sustainable fashion journey by learning from someone who has walked the journey before you. I would love to have you join me on my journey to tread more lightly on this earth. We can live sustainably without compromising style. I hope you will join me and learn how.

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Title graphic by Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer