I ❤ MY LIFE Organic Perfumes (+ a giveaway)


For the consumer concerned about chemical exposure in our daily lives, conventional perfumes can be an absolute minefield. Most perfumes commonly contain chemicals that are known neurotoxins, hormone disrupters and allergens known to trigger asthmatic attacks in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, fragrance is considered a trade secret and there are no obligations in producers to disclose the chemicals contained in their products. I myself regularly suffer headaches when exposed to fragrances. For more information on the health concerns regarding fragrance, refer to the comprehensive material produced by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

For health reasons alone, it is worth steering clear of conventional perfumes. For sustainability reasons, choosing natural perfumes over chemicals is also always going to be the better choice. Today I am delighted to bring you a product review of the I ❤ MY LIFE Organic Perfume Collection*, produced by Michelle McGrath of Sacred Self. I was gifted these perfumes to review for you today.

The collection includes three perfumes, I ❤ MY MIND, I ❤ MY BODY and I ❤ MY SPIRIT, each scent uniquely designed to affect you in different ways. I spent some time wearing each of the three to get a sense of how each made me feel throughout the day.

I ❤ MY MIND includes peppermint, lemon myrtle and many other uplifting essential oils designed to help you find clarity and focus. I didn’t spend much time wearing this perfume, as the use of peppermint oil is not recommended for pregnant women, but I did find that simply taking a moment to smell the scent helped me to feel refreshed and clear headed.

I ❤ MY BODY includes energising essential oils including camellia, cardamon ylang ylang and more. I was drawn to the earthy fragrance of this scent, and wearing helped me to feel grounded and connected to nature, especially when enjoying the spring sunshine as I hung my washing out to dry.

I ❤ MY SPIRIT was the fragrance that I was most drawn to and I found myself wearing it day in and day out. I couldn’t quite find the right words to describe this scent, but inhaling made me feel completely peaceful. The floral aromas including camellia, chamomile and more are designed to help you feel connection and bliss.

Organic perfumes

Each scent also comes with it’s own ritual (small mindful practice) that you can use to mindfully connect you to your mind, body or spirit and improve your awareness of how you are feeling. There is a growing body of research regarding the positive impact of incorporating mindful practices into your day, on mental health, wellbeing, stress response and mental focus. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily beauty regime is lovely way to access these benefits and one that is easily fit into any schedule, so I really appreciated this aspect of the I ❤ MY LIFE perfumes. The bottle size is perfect to pop in your handbag, so I kept them close by to apply periodically throughout the day, each time taking a few seconds to breath in the scent and reconnect to myself for a moment or two.

The perfumes are completely natural, free from harmful chemicals of any sort. They are available to be purchased from the Sacred Self online store individually for AUD $33, or the three perfume collection can be purchased for $95. If you are unsure of which perfume might best suit you, you can contact Michelle (information via the shop) to ask for her recommendation. You can also connect with Michelle on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram or her blog.

In our busy lives it is always beneficial to incorporate a little nurturing into our daily routine, and these perfumes- aside from smelling beautifully- are a lovely way to do this.

Just a note on use of aromatherapy oils during pregnancy: Although I preferred not to use peppermint oil during my pregnancy, other women have used peppermint oil to help with nausea and other symptoms. If you are pregnant and you are unsure whether you want to use the oil, please seek qualified advice from a professional as I am not qualified to offer this advice. 



Michelle has kindly offered to gift one lovely perfume to a tortoise & lady grey reader. This giveaway will take place on the tortoise & lady grey Facebook page, for details and to enter you will need to head on over to Facebook. This giveaway will be open until October 27th.

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*I was gifted these perfumes to review. I only accept products for review that strictly uphold my standards for ethical and sustainable production. I will never accept a product for review that does not fit within the ethos of tortoise & lady grey

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