Gorgeous Fairtrade Knitwear by People Tree

Good quality knitwear should be a winter staple of any sustainable wardrobe. The warmth and last of good quality wool is difficult to match. During my teens in the 90s, I can remember wearing a beautiful 70s vintage alpaca jumper (sweater) that my mother had worn in her teens. A vintage gem like that would be hard to come by in the thrift stores, but I was lucky enough to have my mum’s to wear. And I adored it. I’m not sure where it ended up- I think one of my sisters went on to claim it- but once I had spent years wearing it, it endured for more loving wear. High quality knitwear can last for generations, and when it comes to quality and last, nothing beats the quality of a hand-knitted garment.

But knitting is a skill that so few of us know ourselves, and even fewer can do well. A hand-knitted jumper takes many days of work, making it almost impossible for quality hand-knitted garments to be manufactured commercially in developed economies. This is where People Tree’s Fairtrade range of hand-knits comes in. People Tree sell a beautiful range of woolen knitwear, all knitted by hand under Fairtrade conditions in Nepal. I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful cardigan to review for you today.*

People Tree Cardigan maternity

The beautiful Holly Vintage Cardigan is both stylish and practical. Hand-knitted in thick wool- a low impact natural fiber that can be considered sustainable- the cardigan is lovely and warm and will certainly be a winter favourite of mine. Being a cardigan, I am able to wear it through my pregnancy, and I will be grateful for it next year when I am breastfeeding through the cold winter (you’d be amazed at how many items of clothing are not suitable for breastfeeding in!). The buttons are carved from wood, making the entire garment natural and biodegradable. Not that I would really need to consider the disposal of it anytime soon- the quality of the hand-knitted wool means there will be a good chance that I will be handing it on to a niece or daughter in years to come. The cardigan also comes with a spare button and some teal wool for mending, as well as comprehensive care instructions to enable you to wear the garment for as long as possible.

People Tree Cardigan back

Teal seems to be the colour of the season, and I have been quite impressed with how well it has paired with the other clothing in my wardrobe. It goes especially well with my turmeric-dyed cowl which is a wardrobe favourite of mine.

People Tree have a wide range of Fair-trade knitwear that is well worth checking out. The prices can seem high when compared to conventional machine-knitted garments- this cardigan costs £150- however, once you consider the work involved (which the the knitters receive a fair living wage for), and how long a garment like this will last you, it easy to see that it is well worth the investment. A cardigan of this quality will outlast any fast fashion alternative by many years, even generations.

As an added bonus, People Tree have kindly offered tortoise & lady grey readers a special discount of 10% on all full-priced garments. Simply enter the code GREY10 at the checkout. With worldwide postage for only £5, no matter where you are based, People Tree are a fantastic place to source your sustainable wardrobe.

*I was gifted this cardigan to review. I only accept products for review that strictly uphold my standards for ethical and sustainable production. I will never accept a product for review that does not fit within the ethos of tortoise & lady grey


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