Slow Fashion DIY Courses to Learn to Create your own Wardrobe


Creating your own wardrobes can be the perfect way to control the sustainability of what you wear. Whether you learn to sew, knit or crochet, there is a wealth of sustainable materials at your disposal- recycled yarns, organic fibres and fabrics, or repurposing your old clothing or thrift store finds. Learning some basics skills can also improve your confidence for mending or adjusting the clothes you already own, enabling you to prolong the life of your wardrobe, and reduce your need to spend money on new clothing.

Nowadays you needn’t be put off by a lack of time to attend physical classes. There are a wealth of useful online courses that mean you can learn at a time that suits you, and fit your learning within your time constraints. Below are a few of my suggestions for some online classes to get your started.


Do you have access to a sewing machine? Perhaps it has been hiding on your wardrobe and you haven’t had the confidence to properly learn how to use it. Here are some great classes to get you started on sewing your first simple garments:

Sew Ready: Garment Basics* on Craftsy

Perfect for the beginner sewer, this course takes you through the basics of making a simple pencil skirt. It includes discussion on how to adjust and customise a pattern, enabling you to make a skirt that fits you perfectly and is tailored specifically to your tastes. A great place to get started on making your own clothes. 

Sewing a Sundress* on Creativebug
This short online course takes your through the process of sewing a flattering sundress. The sundress design is simple, making it a perfect first project to build your confidence in making your own clothes. 


I adore knitting. It is a lovely craft that encourages you to slow down and connect with the garment you are making. It is also a great way to make your TV watching time productive- as you gain confidence with your knitting needles you can easily watch your favourite shows whilst creating something special for your wardrobe.

Knit Lab* on Craftsy
If you’ve never knitted before and you want to set yourself up with all the fundamentals, this course is ideal. Starting with a knitting yourself a basic scarf, the course guides you through the basics. It then teaches you more complicated techniques needed for other garments, such as shaping, knitting button holes and many more. By the end of this course you will be able to follow patterns of confidence to knit yourself cardigans, sweaters, hats and mittens- all your winter essentials. You can revisit all the videos over and over again, so you can refer back to them as you tackle new garments time and time again. 

Knitting Toe-Up Socks* on Craftsy
Knitting your own socks may be one of the ultimate acts in self-sufficiency! This would be an especially comforting and enjoyable holiday project for those readers currently in the cold northern hemisphere. Knitting socks requires you to master knitting in the round with double pointed needles. These skills are best mastered by an intermediate knitter who has a bit of experience behind them. If you have a bit of knitting experience, but haven’t quite been game to tackle knitting socks, this course is a great way to learn this useful skill. But nothing beats the warmth of hand-kitted woolen socks, so it is definitely a project worth aiming for!


Crochet is another lovely yarn craft that I enjoy. If you have a tendency towards impatience, crochet tends to be much quicker than knitting, so you can see your results a little faster. I also have found crochet easier to progress with, where designs that seem quite complex are much easier to master than more complex knitting.

One Skein Crochet Scarf* on Creativebug
This is a perfect garment for a beginner to learn to crochet with. It only requires one skein of wool, so it isn’t a huge investment in yarn either. A great online course for an absolute beginner who doesn’t what to commit too much time or money to giving crochet a try. 

Crochet in the Round: Mix and Match Hats* on Craftsy
Learn how to crochet in the round and tailor patterns to make your own unique crocheted hat.

There are a wealth of great courses you can browse through on Craftsy* and Creativebug*, many more than I could list in this post. If you find yourself with a bit of down time this holiday period, perhaps you would like to learn a new skill, or take your skills to a new level. Or maybe you could add learning to knit, sew or crochet to your goals for 2015?

*Craftsy and Creativebug are affiliates of tortoise & lady grey. If you click on the links in this post and choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps to support my blogging activities, and I appreciate your support for the blog. I only recommend products and brands that strongly fit within the ethos of tortoise & lady grey

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