Sustainable Fashion Outfit 3: Red Dress, Red Lips


It’s been a while since I’ve posted outfit inspiration, so I thought it about time I posted another sustainable fashion outfit. Today’s outfit is inspired by this beautiful portrait by Jade Sheldon. Her copyright restrictions don’t allow me to share the actual image in this post, but it is well worth checking out the original- it is a beautiful photograph.

My sustainable style adaption of the portrait features the following:

1. Grace Classic Cardigan by People Tree, Fairtrade and made with certified organic cotton and featuring natural shell buttons. People Tree offer tortoise & lady grey readers a special discount of 10% on all full priced items. Simply enter the Code GREY10 at the checkout.

2. Essie Diamond Print Dress by People Tree, also Fairtrade and made with certified organic cotton and featuring natural shell buttons. (See above for discount code)

3. Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick, lead-free, toxin-free, no petrochemicals, natural, and majority organic ingredients

4. tooTOOs Far Out ballet flats in red by Sole Rebels, Fairtrade and made in Ethiopia, and made with traditionally crafted leather (no harmful chemicals or factory farming) and traditionally farmed  and loomed cotton (a low-impact form of cotton), and with soles made from recycled tyres.

5. This one is not pictured, but I suggest wearing the Sophie Knee High stockings by Swedish Stockings, ethically-made with recycled nylon.

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