Beautiful Recycled Silver Creations by Liminal Jewellery


One thing I’ve learnt since beginning my sustainable fashion journey is that there is almost always an eco-friendly option, if you simply care to look. And jewellery is no exception, in fact, when it comes to recycled silver jewellery it seems we are almost spoilt for choice. Liminal Jewellery is one such eco-friendly option. I have been admiring the gorgeous modern designs created by Australian designer and jeweller Nikola Markus. The whole range is handmade by Nikola using recycled silver (silver rescued from unwanted second hand jewellery or silver waste), making her beautiful creations both an ethical and sustainable choice.

I could probably wax lyrical about how much I love her designs, but I’m better off allowing her pictures to do the talking. Here are my favourite picks from her online store:

Liminal jewellery


Beautiful, don’t you think?

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