Clean Beauty: My top picks for toxin-free eyeshadows


In the 1930s, many women had thier eyesight damaged, and were even blinded by using a coal-tar based mascara Lash Lure. Whilst safety standards have greatly improved since the 1930s, consumers are still exposed to a number of potentiall harmful chemicals in thier make-up, and there is good reason to avoid putting these toxins near your eyes.

When it comes to buying conventional eyeshadows, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics recommends that you stick to tan, cream or brown colours which are less irritating than more brightly coloured eyeshadows. Whilst sticking to these colours may provide some protection, incomplete labelling practices mean that you cannot guarantee that your eyeshadows are completely free from harmful chemical ingredients unless you stick to trusted clean beauty brands. So with that in mind, here are my recommendations for toxin-free eyeshadows. Keep in mind that I haven’t tried many of these myself, so for most brands I am commenting on thier clean beauty credentials rather than from experience of use. These are in no particular order.

1. Alima Pure*

Alima Pure* produce three different powder-based eye shadow ranges which have different finishes and luminosity, but all of which are natural and mineral based, and contain no harmful chemicals, nano particles, dyes or parabens. The products are also gluten-free and vegan. The Satin Matt Eyeshadow* range come in 6 earthy shades including rich brown, smoky purple and buttery gold, which are perfect for everyday use. The Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow* range come in a range of 9 shimmery colours (all achieved with mineral pigments, rather than harmful chemical dyes), including purple, turquoise and pink-gold, pefect for dressing up for a girls night out. The Pearl Luster Eyeshadow* range, comes in 4 different shades, and seems sit somewhere between the previous two ranges. I like the sound of the bronzed plum eyeshadow and will have to give it a try when I am next shopping for some eye colour. Alima Pure products are ethically manufactured in the US.

2. Adorn Cosmetics

Australian-based organic beauty label Adorn C aosmetics produce mineral eyeshadows that come in a broad range colours, enabling those who like colourful eye make up to indulge safely. They stock 4 ranges in their eyeshadows, Matte for natural earthy tones, Metallic for more dramatic evening wear, Intensive for natural shimmer, and Bright for a colourful fix. Their products are nano-technology free, contain no petrochemicals or parabens, are gluten-free and are vegan. They also keep packaging to a minimum, with no excess packaging. Products also offer refills at a cheaper price to encourage customers to re-use the make-up pots/packaging rather than discard them. Adorn Cosmetics manufactures in Australia.

3. W3LL People*

US-based W3LL People* was founded by a team of 3 that includes a make-up artist, dermatologist, and sustainability blogger, so you know you can trust the clean beauty and eco-credentials of this brand. Their Elitist Mineral Shadow* comes in 7 earthy tones, of which Eggplant Twinkle is my favourite. Their products are nano-particle free, contain no toxins, are gluten-free and vegan and are manufactured in the US.

4. 100% Pure*

US-based 100% Pure* produce a range of eye colour options that are completely plant-based, using fruit pigments to achieve the colour, rather than minerals. As you can expect from fruit-based pigments, the colours are more subdued and natural in tone, but the range of colours is still impressive. Products are completely natural and toxin-free and packaged in recycled and completely recyclable packaging.

5. Pure Ananda

Canadian-based Pure Ananda manufacture 2 ranges of mineral-based eyeshadow- Luminous Shadow and Velvet Matte Shadow which cover an amazing array of colours, and are entirely toxin-free. The company website don’t offer online ordering, but they do list the range of online sites which stock their products.

6. Green People*

UK-based organic beauty label Green People* carry a limited range of natural, toxin-free eyeshadows that come in 4 different paired kits making combining/blending your eye colour easy. Green People offer international shipping to most countries, but they do not deliver the the US.

When using mineral-based eyeshadows, which are often a loose powder, it is important to have a good make-up brush set to apply your shadow. With the right brushes and some practice with techniques, you can even replace your eyeliner with skillful application of mineral eyeshadows. If you don’t have any brushes on hand, I recommend the Alima Pure brushes*, particularly the Angle Liner*, Large Shadow* and Eyeblending* brushes to add to your kit.

If you are interested in more information on the harms of conventional cosmetics and the chemical ingredients they contain, see the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website for a great array of reports and studies.

So that is my summary of the best toxin-free natural eyeshadows I could find. I hope they assist you to find the shade you are looking for. Do you have a favourite clean beauty brand that I have missed?

*denotes an affiliate link. If you click on this link and choose to make a purchase, I may receive a very small commission. This helps to support my blogging activities. I only recommend products that strongly align with my ethical and environmental standards, and would not consider sharing an item on the blog that didn’t meet these standards.



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