Normalising Breastfeeding with Sustainable Nursingwear


Clothing is functional. We all need to wear it. But sometimes clothing can be a little more. I really enjoy stumbling across those clothing labels that are also a vehicle for social change. Sometimes the creatives behind these fashion label are on a mission. Piper Marie is one of those labels. Founded by Rebecca Delago, Piper Marie offers beautiful eco-friendly lingerie to the sustainable conscious consumer, but her mission is so much more. A work-at-home mum with a passion for supporting women breastfeed, Rebecca is on a mission to normalise nursing.

And there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Currently only 49% of babies in the US are still breastfed at 6 months of age. But the World Health Organisations recommends that babies be breastfed until at least 2 years of age. Clearly we need many people on this mission to nomalise nursing.

So how does Rebecca promote her mission? With beautifully crafted eco-friendly lingerie that is nursing-friendly, and her I’m the Pacifier breastfeeding t-shirt and baby romper campaign. Rebecca was kind enough to gift me a couple of items to feature here today. Here is my little one wearing a Piper Marie bib:

Piper Marie Breastfeeding Bib

I asked Rebecca why she was on this mission. She told me that she only realised the challenges that nursing mothers face once she became a mother herself and began to hear about mothers being told to cover up or leave venues when doing something as natural as feeding her child. This happens despite the legal protections that are in place. Oftentimes people and organisations are unaware that the law is there to protect a mother’s right to feed her baby where she needs to. Rebecca hopes that by the time her daughter is a mother that things will be far easier for nursing mothers.

But her lingerie is not just for breastfeeding mums. Beautifully handcrafted in the US using eco-consciousness fabrics- hemp, organic cotton, and some soy and bamboo- Piper Marie lingerie is ideal for any woman looking for stylish and comfortable underwear. The fact that it is nursing friendly is just a bonus! I was gifted a set of hemp lingerie to review, and I can attest to their comfort. The hemp is beautifully soft, hemp of course being one of my favourite sustainable fibers.

Piper Marie Sustainable Nursing bra2

Piper Marie lingerie is ethically made in the US, yet the ethics of the label go beyond the manufacturing process. As you browse the website you will notice the the models are healthy curvy women. A picture is equal to a thousand words, and using models that look more like your average woman can do so much more to promote healthy body image than any words can.

Piper Marie Sustainable Underwear

Show your support for work-at-home mum who is on a meaningful mission. Your next lingerie purchase can further the body image conversation, perhaps put breastfeeding in the spotlight and lower the impact of your wardrobe purchases at the same time. Who would have thought your lingerie could have so much impact!


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