Take a Stand Against Planned Obsolesence with the 30 Year Sweatshirt


I must admit that when I think of fashion the last thing I think of is a sweatshirt. Even when dressed casually, a sweatshirt is just dressing it down a little too much for me. But then I discovered a sweatshirt that has such high sustainability credentials that I am reconsidering my position. This particular sweatshirt is sustainable fashion at it’s best, even if it is a little too ‘normcore’ for my liking.

In an age of planned obsolescence- where items are purposely created to only last a short amount of time- and fast fashion garments fall apart almost as quickly as the trends change, designer Tom Cridland is taking a stand. He is showing us that there is another way. Collectively, we have the knowledge, skills and technology to create longlasting garments, and Tom Cridland is proving it with his 30 Year Sweatshirt.

The 30 Year Sweatshirt will be made in Portugal, working with skilled artsians who have been manufacturing clothing since 1964. The fabric is a blend of 80% organic cotton and 20% premium polyester and the fibre is ring spun to prevent pilling and treated with sillicon to prevent shrinkage. Normally I wouldn’t recommend purchasing new garments that use polyester, however in this case the polyester is used to increase the working life of the garment. So over the lifecycle of the garment, the inclusion of polyester will likely reduce the use of petroleum in the long run. The sweatshirt is guaranteed to last 30 years. In that time you would go through 5 or 6 equivalent organic cotton ones, or many more fast fashion ones, all which would require petroleum to grow, manufacture, ship and store.  So for a garment guarateed to last 30 years I am willing to accept the use of polyester.

30 year sweat shirt red

How can they be so certain that this sweatshirt will last you the good part of your adult life? Well I guess they can’t be completely sure. So if you buy this sweatshirt, the company guarantees that they will carry out any mend and repair work needed within the 30 year period.

In a world of disposible fashion, where the average American discards over 68 pounds of textiles each year, where our clothing is toxic and pollution our waterways and where factory workers can burn to death making our shoes, it is refreshing to see a brand creating durable timeless garments. This is something we should all get behind. But we need to be quick, the Kickstarter is only open for another week!


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