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Wow! 2 years has really flown. The blog turned 2 yesterday and so this week I am looking back and looking forward. It has been such a wonderful journey writing this blog for you guys. I have crossed paths with so many passionate individuals- designers, other bloggers, and you my wonderful readers!

The first year of tortoise & lady grey saw me finding my feet in the blogging word, and getting to know you and your interests. One of my earliest posts, Top Tips for a Sustainable Fashion Wardrobe is still one of my most popular, as well as Sustainable Yoga and Active WearTips for Ethical and Sustainable Shopping when Travelling is also a very useful post from my first year. But it has been during my second year that some of my best content has been produced.

Where to Buy Sustainable Fashion Basics is a popular post from this year, and Why We Must Also Buy New has also been getting a lot of interest. My Ethical and Sustainable Maternity Wear has also been useful for a number of would be mamas. (And on that note, I also welcomed my second little boy into the world in the early days of 2015, so that is another achievement for this last year!)

Title Drawing Design by Elizabeth Stilwell www.thenotepasser.com

Title Drawing Design by Elizabeth Stilwell www.thenotepasser.com

This last year was when I launched the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge and we’ve seen close to 200 readers challenge themselves to live more sustainably, using the Challenge to kick start or further their journey. One of the Challengers told me

“Being a newcomer to eco-friendly fashion, the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge has been extremely beneficial in helping me evaluate all aspects of my fashion choices. The easy to follow tips have helped me with everything from making the most of my existing wardrobe, to creating a realistic budget for future purchases, to making informed decisions about fabrics and labels, to repurposing unwearable garments. I’ve loved the creative challenge of restyling some forgotten pieces and sharing my outfits on Twitter. One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the Challenge is that while often expensive, sustainable fashion isn’t necessarily out of reach. I now understand that by factoring the cost per wear of a quality, sustainable item that will last for years versus a cheaply made item that will only last for a few wears, you can actually save money in the long run by building a quality over quantity wardrobe. I now feel that I have the tools to make a positive environmental impact through my fashion choices. I highly recommend the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge to anyone interested in creating an eco-friendly wardrobe.”

If you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps you’d like to give it a go.

I also launched my guide to sustainable fashion 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe which was just so exciting! It communicates so much more about sustainable fashion than I could in just one post, or even a series of posts. This guide gives you the comprehensive coverage that the topic deserves.

I am also working hard on a whole heap of resources to help you to live more sustainably, such as a mending toolkit, a book of natural beauty recipes, and a course to teach you how to transition to zero waste in your bathroom.

I also wanted to share something special with you. I am collaborating with a very talented street artist Suki to create a range of beautiful t-shirts and accessories that are sustainable, support independent artists and provide work for survivors of human trafficking. Here is a sneak peek at one of the designs we will use:


We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign later in the year, so do look out for it!

Recently you may have noticed a small change to the navigation menu. I am excited to tell you that I will be expanding the content into sustainable living as well, but still with a strong focus on sustainable textile crafts and a slow fashion approach to home and style. I hope you enjoy this slight broadening of my scope.

I am more excited than ever to be bringing you great content on the topics of slow fashion and sustainable style for another 2 years and more. Thanks for joining me on this journey to live more sustainably on this earth. As always I would love to hear your thoughts and your struggles, so drop me a line anytime summer(at)tortoiseandladygrey(dot)com. I am here to help you live more sustainably in any way that I can.

Thanks again for all your support, and look forward to many more years of writing for you.

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