Green Your Workout with Kusaga Athletic


Passion for purpose. Passion for creating a solution for sustainability. I could hear this loud and clear when I spoke with Graham, Sydney-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Kusaga Athletic. It isn’t something that you can disguise and it certainly isn’t something you can fake. Kusaga Athletic is on a mission to green active wear, one race at a time.

To make a difference. To have a positive impact on the climate.

An entrepreneur and filmmaker by background as well as an avid athlete, Graham began to wonder why all the race jerseys were made out of a horrible scratchy polyester, the kind that you really don’t want to wear against your skin. With drawers full of unworn polyester race gear, he guessed there were probably countless other athletes who had the same. Knowing that polyester was made from petrochemicals and not biodegradable, Graham decided that this was one environmental problem that needed solving. So he set out to solve it.

The Greenest Tee is the first product on offer from Kusaga Athletic, currently available on Kickstarter. Made from ECOLITE™ , a trademarked fabric created by Kusaga for high performance sustainable t-shirts for sports and active wear. With a lovely drap and soft feel, it is a fabric that is equally at home for comfortable fashion basics that you can wear day and night and to your work out. ECOLITE™  is made from a combination of eucalyptus, flax, bamboo, and corn, manufactured on a closed loop system. It has the versatility cotton and the technical performance of polyester. Unlike polyester, the fabric breaths and retains no odor, and it is completely compostable and biodegradable.

The Greenest Tee_4 way

Kusaga Athletic claim their ECOLITE™ t-shirt to be the greenest tee available. It uses less than 1% of the water required for a cotton t-shirt, and 80% less land. It’s carbon impact is tiny when compared with polyester or cotton. Certainly these are environmental credentials to be lauded.

But Graham openly admits that their processes aren’t perfect. There are always improvements to be made. One such area is their dyes, which aren’t hazardous, but neither are they plant-based. “As a small player in the market, we can’t always influence the supply change in the way that they would like. But we are always looking to make improvements. First and foremost we are a sustainable company. We are in the business of sustainability. It just so happens that we make clothing.”

Kusaga Athletic have dressed a few large organisations, including Earth Hour, and they are now bringing their t-shirts direct to the consumer. If you are looking for quality, breathable and high performance tees for your workout or everyday, I would highly recommend supporting the . And do look out for future athletic offerings down the track. They are working on cycling gear, and a yoga and active wear range.


Towards the end of our conversation Graham told me “In 30 years time I just want to be able to sit around the table with my grandchildren say ‘You know that climate change thing. Well I did something about it.'” It is a sentiment that I hope more and more in the business world will share. It is a sentiment that I know you- my readers- share.

The thing I love about Kusaga Athletic is that they make sustainable clothing accessible to people who couldn’t give a damn about fashion, and maybe don’t realise how harmful the clothing industry is, but just want comfortable clothing to wear everyday. If we can get companies like this one in front of the everyday consumer, what a difference we could make. The first step is supporting this kickstarter if you need a new tee, or getting it in front of people who you know do need something- like hubbies and partners perhaps!

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