Slow Beauty DIY: Simple Salt Body Scrub


The reason I am sharing this DIY salt body scrub recipe today has a lot to do with sustainability. So much that we are sold in beauty is unnecessary and even at times harmful to the health of our skin. Transitioning to chemical free beauty routine and questioning your ‘must have’ beauty products will help you save money, reduce your impact, AND there is a good chance that your skin will thank you. Most chemical products strip your skin of it’s natural oils, which upsets the balance of your skin and creates dependence on the chemical products. Using natural oil for cleansing, on the other-hand, does not do this. Surprisingly, cleansing with oil can help you restore your bodies ability to nourish itself with natural oils, without creating dependence on the product.

Once you’ve rid your beauty routine of chemical products you will find that your need for skincare is greatly reduced. But every now and then your body might need a little something. This simple DIY salt body scrub is great for removing dry skin and nourishing your skin in the process. Use this regularly in the shower and you will probably find that you don’t need any moisturiser or butter for your body.

Salt Body Scrub Salt spoon

You will need

  • 1 1/4 cups avocado oil (or another oil from your kitchen, such as olive oil, almond oil, raw sesame)
  • 1 cup sea salt (in rocks)
  • 1 cup sea salt (ground)
  • optional 15-20 drops lemon scented tea tree oil (or grapefruit or another citrus essential oil)
  • A large bowl (I prefer glass)
  • A spoon for mixing
  • 2-3 small glass jars (I keep small jars with plain lids to repurpose for DIY beauty products)


There are no special techniques to this. Simply add all the ingredients and stir to combine. I would add the essential oil last as it will probably stir through better, but I don’t think it matters that much.

Fill up your jars. These will keep for as long as the oil’s shelf life. Check out the labelling to find out how long that is. The oil will smell at bit funny when it is old. It will be rancid, but if the smell isn’t too bad there is no harm in you continuing to use it. But if you use this salt body scrub twice a week in the shower you will probably use both jars in under 6 months.

Salt Body Scrub

It also makes a lovely sustainable gift. Who said that making your own gifts needs to be expensive or time consuming?

Let me know if you make this in the comments. If you have you own slow beauty recipes that you love to DIY, be sure to share them too!

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