Chic Kid-Friendly Outfits for the Eco-Conscious Mama

I’ve always been eco-conscious. Even as a teenager and young adult. But sustainable fashion became even more significant to me after having children. The ethical and environmental impact of my clothing choices became exponentially more important when I considered the lessons I wanted my children to learn and the world I want to leave behind for future generations. As a mama I want to wear clothes that are stylish and make me feel beautiful while still being practical and comfortable for the busy days of caring for children. Life as a mama doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Here are two outfits I’ve put together to show just how easy it is to look great in comfortable kid-friendly sustainable fashion.

Outfit 1


This outfit pairs a comfortable stretch knit skirt with a cute t-shirt. The skirt with its diagonal cut adds a designer edge and dresses up the t-shirt. Slip on some great eco-friendly black flats, and grab a gorgeous leather tote that fits all those extra things you need to carry when you are out and about with children and you are set for a fantastic day out.

1. Jezabel skirt (made in Australia from organic cotton) from Sustainable Fashion

2. Pineapple Tee (fairtrade organic cotton) from People Tree

3. Tiko Tote (handcrafted sustainable sourced oil-tanned leather) Sseko

4. Etiko Gideon Canvas Slipper (fairtrade, organic cotton and sustainably grown natural rubber)


Outfit 2

Sustainable fashion outfits for eco-conscious mama

I love dresses but they can be somewhat impractical when climbing the slide with your toddler or hanging upside-down on the monkey bars (hey, grown-ups need to play too!). By pairing a short or mid-length dress with a pair of tights you won’t need to feel self-conscious about everyone seeing your knickers when you turn a few cartwheels in the park. With a gorgeous scarf and a beautiful leather bag that can be worn folded, full size or as a clutch you’ve instantly added elegance while keeping your outfit kid-friendly. A pair of fairtrade hitops finishes off the outfit and you’re ready for an adventure.

1. Pascale Pocket Dress (fairtrade and organic cotton) from People Tree

2. Yoga Cropped Leggings (fairtrade and organic cotton) from People Tree

3. Nalu Bamboo Scarf (bamboo derived viscose) from Braintree

4. Cross Body Bag (handcrafted sustainable sourced sheepskin leather) from Sseko

5. Etiko All Black Hightops (fairtrade, organic cotton and sustainabley grown natural rubber)

A couple of go-to outfits like this and you can easily stay chic and eco-conscious whilst still running around with your kids. These outfits would also make great comfortable travel wear options, or for any lady who is on the go and wants to be comfortable and stylish.

*Many of these brands are affiliate partners of tortoise & lady grey. If you use the link in the post to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. The price is the same for you. This helps to support the cost of running this blog. I only include brands that I believe in, and that meet the strictest requirements of ethics and sustainability. You can rest assured that the products featured here are genuinely ethical and sustainable options.