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Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their clothing. Films and campaigns such as The True Cost movie and Detox Fashion are bringing the environmental impacts of the fashion industry to the fore. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the textile industry is the world’s second most polluting industry, second only to the oil industry.

This increased awareness has lead to an increase in demand for eco-conscious and sustainable textiles in fashion. This is a good thing. Many fashion labels are responding by choosing more environmentally friendly textiles for their collections. It is becoming easier and easier for consumers to access greener options for their wardrobe.

However, while many fashion labels are making genuine efforts to change, still others are making only token efforts. Doing just enough to capture the growing eco-conscious market, without doing enough to properly improve the sustainability of their processes. Tinkering at the edges of an unsustainable model and falling far short of where we need to be.

To understand whether labels are making genuine efforts, you need to know your sustainable textiles and know them well. My new Guide to Sustainable Textiles can help you to determine whether your favourite fashion labels are doing enough. Whether the garments they produce are genuinely sustainable, or merely a token ‘green’ product. When looking for your sustainable garments it is important to remember that quality is of paramount importance. Fast fashion will never be sustainable. Choose quality garments, made from quality fabrics with skilled workmanship. Garments that are designed to be worn for years, if not decades.

Dressing sustainably needn’t mean giving up a love of fashion and style. But it does mean choosing less, and choosing sustainably. With help of this guide, it will be much easier for you to spot your sustainable options.

At only $9 this informative guide to priced to be easily accessible. It will be a valuable resources on your sustainable fashion journey.
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