Mend and Make Do: Guide to Mending Your Woollens

Repairing your own clothes is an important part in the transition to a sustainable wardrobe. Fixing your clothes when they begin to show signs of wear will help to extend their life and save you some money in the process. Repairing things on your own can be very satisfying, especially when you use your creativity and try some visible mending techniques that add an interesting and individual touch to your garment. We’ve compiled a list of tutorials for repairing woollens to inspire you and help you get started.


How to fix pulls in wollens

Photo by Knitty

1. Here’s a great little compilation of ways to fix pulls, tears and holes by Knitty. While you’re at it, you should check out some of their great articles and free patterns.


Photo by Twist Collective

Photo by

2. This collection by Twist Collective of step by step guides for repairing socks is essential for extending the life of all your favorite and well-loved socks. It includes a variety of methods making repair easy even for a novice.


Mending woolens with needle felting

Photo by Uncommon Goods

3. If you’ve never tried felting before, felting a hole in your knitwear is a great place to get your first taste. Uncommon Goods has a great tutorial to help get you started.


Mednding wollens with knitted patches

Photo by Tincan Knits

4. If you’re after a different and fun way to give new life to your knitwear try knitting a heart shaped patch. Tin Can Knits has the perfect pattern for you.


Reinforced patches on woolens

Photo by Karen Barbe

5. Thinking ahead and reinforcing your knitwear when it is beginning to show signs of wear can save you having to attempt a more complicated repair in the future. Here’s a tutorial for stitching a patterned patch by Karen Barbe.


Knitting Surgery

Photo by the Icelandic Knitter

6. This knitting surgery by The Icelandic Knitter is a more complicated repair technique for those confident with knitting and would be best used to repair you own hand knitted garments.


Photo by Sew Take A Hike

Photo by Sew Take A Hike

7. Lastly we have some crochet repair by Sew Take a Hike. If you’ve got crocheting skills then this is perfect for mending all kinds of crochet blankets and clothing.

Of course, if you are worried the mending it beyond you, you can always unravel handknitted garments and knit yourself a new scarf or jumper. Or you could try repurposing machine-knitted woollens- but we’ll save that topic for for another day.

Do you repair your own clothing? We’d love to hear about your successes and failures.

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  • Thanks Rachel. I am sure that Kari will be glad to hear that you found the post useful. Thanks for helping to spread the message and helping more people to extend the life of thier clothes!