Ethical and Sustainable Men’s Shoes by Geox

Men are left our of the sustainable fashion conversation a lot, but it is so important that they clothing and footwear that they buy and wear is also sustainable. So today I am thrilled to be reviewing a beautiful pair of ethical and sustainable men’s leather sneakers.

When it comes to the fashion and apparel industry, there are three sorts of brands. There is the fast fashion brand, and we all know how harmful their business model is for people and the environment. Then there is the sustainable fashion brand. No explanations needed there. The third type is the fashion brand that appreciates quality and craft, and employs artisans to make their products. They might not be strictly sustainable yet, but their products are not nearly as harmful as those of their fast fashion cousins, particularly if they are still manufactured by skilled artisans in developed countries who can command a living wage for their work. Because this third type of brand cares about quality and craftsmanship, many are beginning to embrace sustainable innovations in fashion. Geox is one such brand.

GOEX Shoes 2

Geox has been known for making high quality shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Their unique approach to their shoe soles make the shoes more breathable in the heat. In recent years they have examined their processes in detail to improve the sustainability of their operations and move towards completely sustainable production. NEW:DO are their first completely sustainable option.

Ethical and sustainable men's shoes

I was gifted a pair of NEW:DO so I could see the quality of the shoes for myself. They are produced with Italian leather that has been tanned and coloured using natural materials (vege-tanned leather) and finished with natural wax. The care instructions ask you to clean only with a soft cloth, and to avoid using conventional leather creams which contain solvents. The leather is beautiful and soft, with a lovely natural grain.

The soles are made from natural rubber, a renewable natural resource from the Hevea tree. Unique sole design allows the soles to breath during long hot days. The shoes were made by skilled craftspeople. A faster stitching process was employed manufacture to reduce the use of toxic glues and lower use of energy.

Ethical and sustainable men's shoes

The range comes in 6 different shades, all of which would go beautifully in any sustainable wardrobe. In fact, I like them so much I almost wish that I had asked Geox for my size instead of my husband’s!

Next time you are on the hunt for a sustainable pair of men’s shoes, I would look these ones up. I might even buy myself a pair down the track- I think they are simply gorgeous, and they are designed comfort in the way that women’s shoes often aren’t!

What do you think? Do you have any sustainable shoe brands that you’d recommend?