A Guide to Sustainable Vegan Textiles

Knowing your sustainable vegan textile options is essential if you want to create a vegan wardrobe that has a low environmental impact. If you live a vegan lifestyle it can be difficult to find vegan clothing options that are genuinely sustainable. Too many vegan brands use materials such as PVC which are toxic, and cannot really be considered cruelty free (neither for the animal world nor the people who produce the clothing and footwear). Commonly used materials like PVC and synthetics are harmful to animals, people and planet. Other common vegan textiles, such as conventional cotton, have a serious impact on the environment

However there are sustainable vegan textile options if you know your textiles. Options such as organic cotton, lyocell, linen, hemp, recycled nylon and so many more. Last week I shared a guest post about all the sustainable vegan textiles that you can access to create your vegan wardrobe, without needing to resort to toxic materials like PVC leather. If you are looking to move away from animal fibers, I highly recommend popping over to check out the post.

If you want to know more about the detailed research behind this post, you can find all of these sustainable vegan textiles covered in my Guide to Sustainable Textiles.

Living in a small city it can be difficult to connect with fellow bloggers who live close by, especially in our small niche of living a conscious, intentional and ethical lifestyle that rejects the unsustainable norms that we live in. Imagine my delight when I discovered that authors of The Minimalist Vegan (where I shared this guest post) live right here in Canberra! Masa and Michael are absolutely lovely, and they have created a very inspiring online space. If you are interested in the topic of minimalism, and you are looking to become vegan or just reduce your reliance on animal products, I highly recommend checking out the blog.