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The best businesses begin out of frustration and the desire to make an impact on something important. For Sica Schmitz, founder of ethical boutique Bead & Reel, this was certainly true. After ten years working in various sections of the fashion industry, Sica was frustrated with what she saw, and she released that the clothing that she wore did not live up to her values. A committed vegan and humanitarian, Sica realised that she could not continue to wear clothing that unnecessarily cruel and harmful to people, animals and the environment.

As Sica set out to correct her own wardrobe, she realised that there just weren’t any fashion boutiques that met her ethical values and that she felt comfortable to shopping at. So she set out to create such as place- an ethical fashion boutique that stocked ethically-made, environmentally conscious vegan fashion options.


Sica Schmitz founded Bead & Reel in 2014. She passionately believes in the power of fashion to be a positive influence on the world, and she works tirelessly to stock her online boutique with a carefully research selection of ethical, sustainable and vegan fashion items.

Bead & Reel make is ever so easy to shop in line with your values, with the website making it easy to browse by ethics, including veganfair tradezero wastemade in USAwomen owned businesses and so many more ethical categories.  Along with strict ethical standards for the products that are stocked in Bead & Reel, the company also supports a charity of the month with a portion of each sale going to animals rights and humanitarian causes that align with the values of the company.

Bead & Reel stock clothing, including underwear and sleepwear, baby clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, handbags, and some select few homewares, so the boutique is an excellent place to start when you need to find something new that aligns with your ethics.

There a select few items that I would not choose to purchase for sustainability reasons. These include some conventional cotton garments, and a limited few vegan leather items that are made from polyurethane, which is a better choice than PVC but not quite sustainable. However the range is carefully selected, almost all of the items are eco-friendly, and the brands that are featured  at Bead & Reel have been chosen because they moving into more eco-friendly options such as cork leather.

All the products are clearly described so it is easy to find what you are looking for and feel confident that it fits with your values and concern for people animals and planet.

Here are a few of my favourite items from the extensive range:

Shop Ethical Fashion at Bead & Reel


1. 5-in-1 Short Infinity Dress – a lovely versatile little black dress that gives you variety without the need for many garments. The perfect little black dress for your capsule wardrobe (or buy it to test out whether you could easily live with a much smaller wardrobe than you have now!).

2. Organic cotton bralette – bralettes aren’t for everyone, but I am a complete convert. When I was younger I avoided bras. I really hated them and found them awfully uncomfortable. It was only once I started working in a professional office that I started to wear them daily. After maternity and breastfeeding I tried to return to underwire bras (maternity bras are wire-free) and I realised that underwire actually isn’t designed for comfort at all! The wire is more for cosmetic reasons that comfort, so I am resolved never to wear underwire again! This bralette is one I want to get my hands on.

3. Organic Slim Jeans – it so difficult to find sustainable jeans, so these ones are a really great option. I quite like the Organic Bootcut Jeans too.

Bead & Reel post your order to you in fully recycled packaging, which you can also recycle once you received your purchase. The store offers free US postage for orders over $100, and flat shipping rates to Canada, Europe and Australia, making it reasonably accessible where ever you are in the world. If you plan your clothing needs ahead for a year and buy a few garments, the global shipping rates are very reasonable on a per garment basis.

The broad range of garments and accessories, and the careful and transparent attention to ethics and environmental considerations makes Bead & Reel a go to for ethical and sustainable fashion.

  • Maria

    UK reader here! Can’t seem to find a stockist in the UK, which is VERY sad, been looking for an organic cotton bra for ages, can’t seem to find any UK based ones :(

    • Hi Maria, thanks for asking the question. I don’t know of any UK-based bras, but I really love Larkspur in the US. They have very affordable international shipping, so they are a good option for international buyers. (I am based in Australia)