Sustainable Textile Favourites: Lyocell & Modal

With the holidays approaching, why not encourage some useful sustainable gift giving? These sustainable fashion garments are made with lyocell (Tencel) or modal and offer comfortable sustainable style that you can get a great deal of wear out of. Buy something for your mother, sister or girlfriends, ecnourage your lovely ones to buy you something (by sending them this post) or treat yourself to something new (that you need of course!).

This post contains affiliate links to lovely ethical and sustainable garments. If you use these links to make a purchase you are living within your ethics AND providing a small financial benefit to fund this blog. Thanks for your support!


1. Kings of Indigo Skinny Jeans by Amour Vert are a blend of organic cotton and Tencel.

2. The Midi Vest Dress which is stocked at ethical and sustainable vegan fashion boutique Bead & Reel is made with a Tencel and organic cotton blend.

3. The Gloria Cut Out Dress by Amour Vert is made with sustainable beech tree modal.

4. The Chameleon Cardigan which is stocked at Bead & Reel is great for the office or comfortable casual wear.

5. The Francoise Striped Tee by Amour Vert is made in the US with modal made from sustainable woodstock. For every tee they sell, Amour Vert will also plant a tree.

6. The Kings of Indigo straight jeans by Amour Vert are also a blend of organic cotton and Tencel.

7. This Fair-trade handwoven tank top (on sale) by People Tree is a blend of organic cotton and lyocell.

8. The Fair-trade V-Neck Tee by Patagonia is made with organic cotton and Tencel blend.

9. These gorgeous bedsheets by ettitude are made with sustainable bamboo lyocell, which combines the sustainable benefits of the fast-growing bamboo crop with the sustainable manufacturing process of lyocell to turn the bamboo into textile. (Unlike regular bamboo which isn’t very sustainable). I bought these sheets and they are simply divine!

Make your Christmas shopping sustainable and useful with these lovely lyocell and modal garments and bed linen.

Guide to Sustainable TextilesIf you are curious about your sustainable textile options, and want help to do your own research, I recommend my Guide to Sustainable Textiles. It has 60 pages of coverage on the sustainability and ethical considerations of all the major textiles. At only $9 is an affordable option that empowers you to assess the ethics and sustainability of your favourite garments.

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