Where to buy ethical and sustainable lingerie

When you’ve committed to creating a sustainable fashion wardrobe you will eventually need to investigate where to buy ethical and sustainable lingerie. I have already covered where you can buy ethical underwear of the basics kind, but what if you want something a bit more special? Luckily there are already a great number of ethical and sustainable lingerie options, if you know where to look. Secondly, lingerie is very light, and many lingerie companies have very affordable international postage. If you are looking for something special for your underwear drawer, there is a good chance you will find a sexy sustainable option, no matter where you are.

Here are the best places to buy ethical and sustainable lingerie that I have found:

1. Larkspur


LA-based Larkspur are my absolute favourites in sustainable lingerie. The label has been an in-kind supporter of the blog, and I have personally tested a number of her designs for comfort. Designer Amanda Bear knows how to make beautiful, comfortable and sustainable lingerie to treat yourself to. The label uses eco-friendly fabrics- GOTS certified cotton, modal and laces and silks rescued from fashion warehouse off-cuts and excess. Each garment is ethically hand-sewn in LA. Some limited edition releases are also hand-dyed with indigo and other natural dyes.

The label is very conscious of meeting consumer ethical preferences too. When you order your lingerie, you have the option to choose a completely vegan which won’t use any silk trims. Larkspur are commited to making lingerie that is comfortable and attractive on your body, rather than focusing on how something looks on the rack. With sizing from extra-small to extra-large, and bra band sizes 30-38, the sizing is reasonably inclusive too.

With bras, panties, bodysuits, robes, nightgowns and even active wear, you will find a great deal to to be tempted by. With free delivery to all orders in the US, and very affordable international shipping, Larkspur is a accessible option, no matter where in the globe you are based.

Some of my favourites include the Hazel Organic Bra and Panty Set in Indigo/Ivory and the Luella Lingerie Set. Take 5 minutes to browse the online store you will see why Larkspur are my favourite sustainable fashion lingerie brand. There is a good chance they will soon be your favourite too.

2. Nico


Brisbane-based label Nico offer a range of sustainable lingerie options using eco-considered fabrics modal, organic cotton and bamboo viscose. Many of you will know that I don’t recommend buying bamboo viscose if other options are available, so this is something you might want to consider if you are looking to buy from Nico. However they still offer plenty of sustainable options that I would be happy to buy, including a new range of basic sustainable swimwear made with recycled nylon.

The whole garment range is made in the designers home city- Brisbane. So they are a good Australian-made option, if that is what you are looking for. With a flat international shipping rate of $20 (AUD) they are also accessible where ever you are in the globe. If you like monochrome and the neutral colour blocked designs and are drawn to a minimalist aesthetic, Nico is probably the sustainable lingerie brand that you are looking for.

3. Madonna Bain


Byron Bay-based eco lingerie label Madonna Bain is another Australian label that you should have on your radar. I don’t actually wear body suits, but her latest range (pictured above) makes me want to rethink that. Her range is ethically made (some by herself her in Australia, and some ethically manufactured in a family-run factory in Bali) with organic cotton. A big fan of vintage detailing, Madonna crafts beautiful timeless designs that suit the modern aesthetic and lifestyle whilst taking the best from the past. Shipping is available for Australian and international orders.

4. Ayten Gasson


If luxury is what you are looking for, then you will love the UK-based lingerie label Ayten Gasson. Peace silk and organic silk (both types of cruelty-free silk which doesn’t kill the moth) are used to produce a gorgeous range of sustainable silk lingerie. The designer makes use of vintage lace to highlight the quality fabrics and production that the UK used to be known for, and the label is also committed to manufacturing in the UK and reviving the local garment industry. If silk is what you are after, or if you want to support the UK manufacturing scene, Ayten Gasson is your best sustainable lingerie option.

5. Brook There


Brook There is another solid option if you are looking for sustainable lingerie that is made in the US. Their sits at the intersection of style and comfort, and I could happily say that most of thier range appeals to me. Designer Brook is the daughter of two organic farmers, and is completely committed to producing a sustainable range, using only organic cotton and real silk in her lingerie. Mostly colour blocked designs and a range of colours, you will see the occasional stripes or hand-dyed indigo, but all timeless quality designs. A good, affordable and quality option for your underwear drawer.

6. Clare Bare


Another LA-based label, Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand that seems to put most of their design focus on sex appeal, rather than comfort and practicality. There a quite a few things I wouldn’t go for (a bra which is only ribbon and no actual fabric covering your breast, for example- I’d rather go braless and think that is sexier, personally). But having said that, there are quite a few gorgeous sexy designs that I would enjoy wearing and that would be comfortable (including the one pictured above), so they are definitely worth a look. I also enjoy their diversity in model choice. Completely committed to making a sustainable product, Clare Bare make a range of sustainable lingerie that is worth checking out.

6. Only Hearts Organic Cotton


Ethically-made in New York, Only Hearts stocks and reasonable organic cotton range that would meet your sustainable fashion needs. This organic cotton range include bralettes, panties, camies, chemises and pyjamas. They are not a sustainable label, and organic cotton is the only eco-conscious fabric that they use. I would avoid the rest of their range if you are looking for purely sustainable lingerie.

If you are looking for basic organic cotton underwear and camisoles, my go to recommendation is Pact. But for something a bit more special, the brands featured here and a fantastic place to start.

Before you decide which lingerie you like the best, I want to let you in on a secret: underwire was not designed for women’s comfort. Underwire was only ever designed to lift and shape the breast according to societies expectations of how women are supposed to look. (There is a reason why you don’t find underwire in sports bras!) I only worked this out recently, after number of years in maternity/nursing bras. I tried to go back to a regular underwire bra and remembered how awfully uncomfortable they are. Now I realise why I resisted bras for so long (I only started wearing them regularly when I started working in a office environment after university). You will find that most sustainable lingerie companies make ‘soft-cup’ style bras. In my experience, they still offer support and coverage under your clothing, but without the horrible restrictive feeling of a piece of plastic/wire digging into the side of your breast. Think of underwire as a step down from the corset. Slightly more comfortable, but still not meeting women’s actual needs. If you are worried about whether a soft cup bra can give you enough support, consider this- nursing bras do not contain underwire. Breastfeeding can double your breastsize, and you need a supportive bra.Underwire is basically superfluous to support.

Happy lingerie shopping!

Do you have a favourite sustainable lingerie brand that I have missed? I’d especially love to hear about European brands because there must be a few a don’t know about there!