2017 Ethical Activist Book Club

As the world teeters towards the brink of ecosystem collapse, politics worldwide is swinging far to the right and undermining social safety nets, and the US is threatening to fall into neo-nazism, it has become abundantly clear that 2017 must be the year that we step up. No longer can we blame our governments for not doing enough. Citizens need to become active and take back our power. Every single one of us needs to find our activist feet. Online AND in our local community. Our activism needs to be both local AND global.

But this is not a post about how and why to become activists. There are so many ways that we can be active, and so many ways that we can contribute to the change we desire. We each need to find the right fit for us, and each community has different challenges and different ways to get involved. Each of us also has different passions and key areas of focus. So rather than telling you how to get active, this is a post about finding solidarity across the globe as we make our fight for a just, safe and sustainable world.

If we are to be effective in our activism, if we are to convince others that there is another path than the destructive one that we are on, we need to be informed. And we need to feel connected to those who are fighting the good fight across the globe.

In my own journey as a leader and an activist, I have found that a book group with a well curated reading list is a very powerful way to connect, find strength, and to learn skills in which to fuel our fires. So in 2017, I have offered a reading list to nourish, support and inspire the ethical activist in you.

Every two months I will be reviewing a new book on the blog, and examining how we can apply the books lessons to our fight for a just, safe, and sustainable world. I would love it if you read along with me, and added your comments to the mix. Or your can deepen the impact by inviting a group of your local friends to read too, and meet up to talk through the issues and the inspiration.

2017 Ethical Activists Book Club*

*please note that these links are affiliate links. If you use the link to buy a book, your purchase supports this blog and helps to fund my activism. Thanks for you support. 

January/February: Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

March/April: This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein

May/June: Unbowed: My Autobiography by Wangari Mathaai

July/August: Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

September/October: Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities by Rebecca Solnit

November/December: Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Y. Davis

I will publish my first review in the last week of February. Let me know in the comments below if you plan to read along with me.


  • This sounds like a wonderful idea, I’m in.

    • Wonderful! I will be so please to have your read along with me, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

  • Flight Behavior was incredible! And Barbara Kingsolver lives in my state!

    • Oh, I just love her. Poisonwood Bible was my favourite. I’ve read Flight Behaviour a few years back, so I know there are loads of themes that intersect with climate change, globalisation, ethical/sustainable fashion, local industry and poverty. I was really keen to revisit it. I’d love you to share your thoughts at the end of Feb when I publish the review.

      I just love how Barbara Kingsolver writes about working class people (and people living on the breadline). I grew up in poverty, and I rarely see my childhood reflected in fiction. Although the American experience is different to mine in Australia, I really appreciate her characters and themes. I just finished Pigs and Heaven and I couldn’t put it down.

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  • Melissa Keyser

    I’m obviously a bit late to the discussion, but I’m in! I’ll head to the library tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about Kingsolver, but always happy to give her a go!

    • Awesome Melissa! It’s so great to have you join us! I hope you enjoy Flight Behaviour. With one book every two months there will be plenty of time to catch up :)

  • Hannah Littler

    Definitely gonna join in. I’m partway through flight behaviour and enjoying it so far. Hoping to keep up with reading 6 in the year :-)