Top 12 Most Popular Sustainable Fashion Posts of 2016

2016 was a big year for sustainable fashion. There seems to be real development in the sector, with sustainable fashion becoming more and more mainstream. It is easier than ever to commit to a sustainable wardrobe, with wonderful sustainable fashion leaders like Amour Vert, People Tree and Zady accessible worldwide. There has also been a plethora of new sustainable fashion boutiques online now, such as the wonderful sustainable vegan boutique Bead & Reel.

So which sustainable fashion topics where you guys most interested in this year? Here are my most popular posts from 2016:

Zero-waste sustainable fashion label Edition at Canberra's Fashfest

1.10 Australian Sustainable Fashion Brands to Look out for

Australia has a very vibrant sustainable fashion scene, and these brands are worth knowing.



People Tree Cardigan maternity

2. Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Maternity Wear

Pregnant mamas want to dress in sustainable fashion too!



3. Where to Buy Sustainable Fashion Basics

The ultimate guide for keeping your underwear, socks, and t-shirts sustainable.


where to buy ethical and sustainable tights legging stock and pantyhose

4. Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Tights, Leggings and Pantyhose

Keep your legs warm the sustainable way.


DIY recycled sari skirt image 2

5. DIY Tutorial: Repurposed Sari Skirt

This post is an old one, but still one of my favourites. Sew a beautiful silk skirt by hand. The perfect step-by-step tutorial for the absolute beginner.


One of the early Dupont nylon manufacutring plants in the 1940s

One of the early Dupont nylon manufacutring plants in the 1940s

6. Environmental Impacts of Nylon

Educate yourself on the environmental impacts of nylon, and how to find sustainable options for swimwear and pantyhose.


Where to buy ethical and sustainble handbags

7. Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Handbags and Purses

All your sustainable handbag, clutch and purse options, including eco-friendly vegan options too!


Photo credit: Avilia Active

Photo credit: Avilia Active

8. Where to Buy Sustainable Yoga and Active Wear

Your yoga wardrobe should take care of people and planet. Take to your mat in breathable natural fibres. Namaste.


Ethical and sustainable sunglasses

9. Ethical and Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

These are my absolute favourite sustainable sunglasses. At stylish option that is accessible worldwide.


Environmental impacts of polyester production

10. Environmental Impacts of Polyester

Polyester is the textile that is produced in the highest quantities, making a huge impact on our environment.


Wardrobe Essentials

11. Where to Buy Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials

From jeans, blazers to pencil skirts, this post covers all the essential things you need in your sustainable wardrobe, and where to find them!


Arture Satchel

12. Vegan Leather Alternatives

Making your wardrobe cruelty free can be hazardous for the environment, unless you know your sustainable vegan leather alternatives.


Guide to Sustainable TextilesA quarter of these most popular posts were my textile reviews. If you want to be thoroughly informed about which fabrics are sustainable, then you will love my Guide to Sustainable Textiles.

If you want to cut through the greenwash, and confidently assess the sustainability of your favourite clothing labels, this is the guide for you.

Covering the 15 most common textiles, the guide goes through all the major environmental and social impacts of each fabric so you can choose your garments in line with your ethics.

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