Parisian Chic the Sustainable Fashion Way

Parisian women are often held up as the the pinnacle of sophistication and style. Whether this is true, or just a cultural cliche that we’ve made up from afar is another matter entirely. Still, there is a certain picture that we have of Parisian chic, one that usually involves a striped tee or a little black dress, both garments which were first brought into women’s fashion by Chanel in her early days in the Paris fashion scene.

To do Parisian chic well, look for high quality minimalist garments that are both comfortable and stylish. Invest in fewer, higher quality items that you wear again and again. Go for timeless colours and styles, rather than trying to keep up with the trends.

Here is my take on a Parisian chic capsule wardrobe, the sustainable fashion way.

Parisian Chic



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1. Amour Vert Iris Scoop Tank made in the US with modal

2. Coral Tree Keswick Prescription Sunglasses ethically made eco-friendly wooden frames

3. Amour Vert Vera Turtle Neck Dress made with modal in the US

4. Amour Vert Anja Mini Skirt made in the US with modal (I have this skirt and I adore it. It is the perfect comfortable and effortless style)

5. Amour Vert Pearl Softest Cardigan made in the US with modal

6. Deadwood Biker Jacket made of recycled leather from vintage leather products

7. Amour Vert Paxton Pocket Tee made in the US with modal

8. Amour Vert Miley Softest Midi Dress made in the US with modal

9. Kings of Indigo Straight Jeans made from organic cotton, Tencel & recycled polyester, and dyed naturally

10. Amour Vert Yuma Pencil Skirt made in the US with modal

11. Amour Vert Francois Long-Sleeve Tee made in the US with modal

12. Dear Indigo Naturally Dyed Scarf made from hand made in the US with organic cotton and natural dye

13. Coclico Akaw Slingback Flats made in Spain using Italian vege-tanned (toxin-free) leather

(If you like what you see, these garments are all available at the one online boutique. So you can get free international shipping if you purchase a few items, and free US shipping on all purchases!)