Sexy, Sustainable and Comfortable: My favourite ethical lingerie

When it comes to my habit tendencies, I tend to prefer routine and familiarity. So when it comes to fashion and shopping, this means that I prefer to find my favourites, and stick with them. But I can be quite picky about the aesthetic, as well as the quality, sustainability and ethics of manufacture. So it can take me a really long time to find my favourites. When I finally find my favourite, I am pretty happy to stick with them. When it comes to lingerie, Larkspur* is my go to brand.

*Before I proceed, you should know that I was gifted some lingerie in exchange for this post. But I chose Larkspur over many other brands that want to work with me, simply because they are my favourite, and they were already my favourite long before this in-kind collaboration. I only recommend brands that I love, and trust in their ethics and sustainability, and that I think you will love too. 

I love Larkspur because they combine a beautiful aesthetic with comfort that honours women’s bodies the way that they are. I’ve been wearing my Larkspur lingerie for many months now, and I love how I look and feel in the bohemian-influenced lingerie, that is free from wire, corseting, or any other mechanisms that mainstream lingerie use to try to conform women’s bodies into a shape that unnatural and unnecessary. As designer Amanda Bear remarks “Our styles are meant to skim and reveal, not conceal and compress. Our fits are meant to be comfortable around curves, not pretend they don’t exist”. With sizing up to XL, the brand is inclusive of much curvier bodies that many other ethical or high street fashion labels.

Larkspur Green Background

Amanda designs her lingerie to look good on women’s bodies, not look good on the rack. This also means it was hard for me to capture the beauty of this lingerie in my photography styling. I usually prefer to model the clothing for my posts, so that we can see clothing on real woman’s bodies, rather than that on models. But my comfort wearing these lovely lingerie pieces does not extend to the comfort to wear them in public, I am afraid……

Larkspur Indigo Set

So to do justice to these beautiful garments, here is a modelled shot from Larkspur’s gallery:

Larkpur Orange and Olive

I have been wearing this same lingerie set in Indigo and it flatters my curvy and bumpy post baby body. I completely agree with Amanda’s assessment that her designs are made to skim and flatter women’s bodies as they are.

Larkspur garments are handmade in the US under ethical conditions, and use natural sustainable fabrics, with high quality vintage or deadstock trims (making use of the waste from the conventional fashion system). When you purchase you have the option of choosing silk or vegan straps and trims, making is easy to shop in line with your ethical preferences. Larkspur

If you are looking for some sexy lingerie that I comfortable enough to wear habitually, I highly recommend you check Larkspur out. This beautiful pieces have become my habit to wear, and I am sure you will love them too.

  • I love the bright colors Larkspur uses, it’s refreshing to see the bright color combinations. I admire a brand that makes you feel comfortable with your body. :)