101 Small Ways to Live More Sustainably

We can always do better with our lifestyles. But it can be overwhelming to try to transform everything at once. Instead, try one thing at a time. The following article was written by Kamea Chayne for her lifestyle blog Conscious Whispers, to mark Earth Day. But every day should be Earth Day, so it is just as relevant now, as when it was written. 

You care about the welfare of other people, and you care deeply about our planet. You love plants and animals, and nature never ceases to amaze you. You feel fortunate to have the blessings in your life, and they fuel your desire to personally contribute to our world’s greater good.

In spite of all that, you still occasionally forget to turn the lights off when you leave the room. Sometimes, you just want to take an extra long, hot shower to unwind. Maybe you get germaphobic here and there and feel the need to wash your hands more often, run the water longer while you wash your dishes, and toss your clothes in the washing machine after every wear. And perhaps once in a while, you unintentionally leave something at home and just have to drive a dozen extra miles more than usual to make up for your carelessness.

As much as we want to do everything we can to lower each of our own environmental footprints, we are human and imperfect; sometimes situations outside of our control affect our decision making; and changing habits is undeniably difficult even if we have the best intentions.

Regardless, as Earth Day approaches, it is on your agenda to practice compassion towards our planet more and to instill new habits that can help you better conserve our natural resources. At least this is what I aim to do for the rest of this year. So, I put together the following 101 tips to lowering each of our personal environmental footprints— many of which you may have already heard of (but perhaps not taken steps towards yet), and others you may not have consciously thought of much before. While most tips revolve around the more immediate steps we can take, others consider the bigger, grander decisions we can make in our lives to be more eco-friendly as a whole.

I don’t expect any of us to be able to incorporate all of these things into our lives right away, because making long-lasting changes takes time and conscious effort. But if we can individually pick up just one new tip from each of the five categories and act upon them over the next few months, I’d say we’re off to a great start.

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