Searching for ethical brands? DoneGood is the app for that!

The following article is a sponsored collaboration between DoneGood (the app that let’s you easily find ethical products) and the Ethical Writers and Creatives Coalition (where I am a member). I have been paid to write and publish this article here. I only feature brands that strongly align with the ethos of this blog, and that I think you would benefit from hearing about. 

Have you ever wished you could easily search find ethical alternatives to the things you can buy in the big box online retailers? It can be frustrating when you have a particular item in mind, and you can only find a fast fashion, unethical, or synthetic version of what you are looking for? This is where DoneGood comes in. DoneGood is a browser extension for Chrome, and an app for your phone, which enables you to find ethical and sustainable versions of products in any large retailer, or on Amazon or in a Google search. The way it works is fairly simple, download and install the browser extension, then you can search for what you need. When looking at products DoneGood will suggest equivalent products from stores that are doing good by the environment and the people that make the products.

Here are some images that give you a sense of how it works:

on an Amazon search

Amazon search, razors


on a google search

Womens Jeans Google Search Results


and alerting you to stores that carry Trump brand goods

Trump Alert_Macys


DoneGood select activist, mission-driven businesses that work in one or more of several ethical domains – eco-friendly, giving back, empowering workers, keeping it non-toxic, made in the USA, vegan/cruelty-free, organic/GMO-free, or supporting diversity. In this way, it is easy to find a product that aligns with your ethics.

I always love a company with an activist mission. DoneGood is certainly one of those. The co-founders tell us that they “quit careers as senior advisers on Capitol Hill, for the Obama Administration and with prominent advocacy NGOs to found DoneGood because we believe the most under-utilized force for change in the world is the power of consumer spending. If we can align systems so that even a fraction of the massive amount of money consumers spend every year also reduces inequality, helps people lift themselves out of poverty and fights climate change, the impact can be enormous!” I can certainly relate to quitting a career in the NGO sector to find new ways of positively impacting the world. Market driven solutions are not the only thing we need (we will probably always need NGOs too), but they offer a huge potential to shift behaviour and drive significant social change, and this potential hasn’t yet been tapped to a large scale.

This is innovation at it’s best. Harnessing technology and the market to make a positive change. DoneGood was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab, is a Certified B Corporation, and is legally incorporated as a public benefit corporation. This means that they are legally bound to act in the best interest of community and environment, and not just required to maximise shareholder wealth (as ordinary corporations are required to do by corporation law).

Says DoneGood about their mission:

DoneGood creates technology that make it easy to discover businesses people can feel good about supporting. With DoneGood you find companies making unique, high-quality products while at the same time empowering workers, preserving the environment and doing good in so many other ways. The more we support these kinds of businesses the more they succeed, and the more other businesses will follow suit. The world gets better—just because you got something you needed to buy anyway!

Unfortunately Done Good hasn’t yet launched in Australia, so I haven’t been able to test the experience myself. But I will be one of the first to use it once it does become available in Australia. If you are looking for an easy way to make ethical choices when you need to buy new things, then DoneGood is worth your time. Pop on over to their website to download the browser plugin for free.