Miigle+ is the app to help you find ethical and sustainable brands

The following article is a sponsored collaboration with the ethical and sustainable shopping app Miigle+. I received payment for writing this article. I only collaborate with brands and companies that uphold the strict ethical ethos of this blog, and that I think you would benefit from hearing about. This helps to support the costs of running this blog. I hope you will find it useful to hear about Miigle+ and how they are using technology to make ethical and sustainable brands more accessible.

Technology has had such a profound impact on our lives. Much of this is for the better, but it isn’t always the case. Often technology is created for a narrow purpose, with little thought given to the broader impact it will have on our lives or the lives of others. So when I find a tech company that has been formed with a key purpose to encourage positive environmental and social change, they really stand out to me. Not just because they are trying to make this positive change, but also because they are bucking the industry norm and developing technology with a clear purpose that is beyond profit. Miigle+ is one such company.

Miigle+ is an app that makes ethical and sustainable brands easier to find. Basically, you download the browser plugin (for free) and you will receive suggestions for ethical, environmentally friendly, and positive social good products when you are online searching for products that you need. The app covers products in a whole range of categories, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, footwear, kidswear and toys, beauty, homewares, gifts, food, and even electronics. You can also browse through all of the social good partner brands on the Miigle+ Brand Directory, which includes over 300 brands and growing. With the holiday season almost here, this is exactly the sort of tool we need to help make our gift buying ethical, sustainable and easy to find.

By shopping with Miigle+  listed brands for something that you need, you can ensure that your consumer dollar is making a positive difference to social and environmental issues. The company itself also brings this commitment to social impact beyond their app, with a commitment to donate 4% of their revenue and 22% of their staff time to environmental causes. Their charity partners include: the African Wildlife Foundation, 1% For The Planet, water.org, The Nature Conservancy, and Planet Aid.

Miigle+ founder Luc Berlin during his pre-med research trip to Mali

Miigle+ founder Luc Berlin during his pre-med research trip to Mali

Miigle+ was founded by Luc Berlin, who was born in Cameroon, grew up in California, and who now splits his time between Los Angeles and London. Luc had a strong desire to make a positive difference in his career, and a pivotal moment in strengthening this resolve was when, as a pre-med student, he travelled to Mali to work on a research program involved in the development of the world’s first malaria vaccination. Seeing the vast economic disparity during his time in Mali spurred him to commit his career to reducing economic inequality and creating positive social good. Although Luc eventually took his career down the technology path to make this difference.

Miigle+ also stood out to me thanks to the diversity of their staff, something which I look for when looking to gain an understanding of a companies ethics beyond their stated mission. Technology companies are well known to have a diversity problem due more to bias than a lack of talent, so it is wonderful to see a tech company with an African America founder, and team that is ethnically diverse and almost 50% women. It really goes to show that when a company has a core mission to make positive social change, this will also flow the way that the company is managed.

With the holiday season approaching, now is an excellent time for you to make a positive social difference with your consumer spending. So, if you are looking for an easy way to search and shop for ethical brands, and save yourself time in the process, Miigle+ is your answer. Why not download the browser extension to give it a try?