The Most Popular Sustainable Fashion Posts of 2017

2017 was a big year for sustainable fashion. More than any year that has come before, I really felt that the sustainable fashion movement is gaining significant momentum. The conversations that we are having here on the blog are starting to enter the mainstream.

But in 2017 we also learned some new things that have meant that the sustainable fashion movement is critical to the sustainability conversation. The discovery that plastic microfibers are found in our drinking water- from the taps in our homes and in spring water at the source of the spring- means that we cannot treat fashion as a frivolous concern. The clothing we wear is having a widespread impact on our environment, and this will hold grave concerns for our health.

If you are looking carry the conversation further this year, and introduce the issues to new audiences who aren’t yet well informed, you might find it useful to refer them to some of the most popular articles here on the blog. I was pleased to see that the most popular posts of 2017 strongly featured textile reviews, as well as where to buy articles that make wardrobe changes easier.

Here are the 20 most popular posts of 2017. They are not in order of popularity, but grouped by theme:

Textile Reviews

“Women show off their nylon pantyhose to a newspaper photographer, circa 1942,” notes historian Jennifer S. Li in “The Story of Nylon – From a Depressed Scientist to Essential Swimwear.” Photo by Dale Rooks.

Wondering what the impacts of polyester are on the environment? My review of the environmental impacts of polyester was the most popular post on the blog this year, closely followed by the coverage of the impact of nylon.  My textile review on the benefits and drawbacks of wool and also silk were also popular posts this year, as was my article about my favourite sustainable textile linen.  My coverage of the textile modal was controversial but exposes serious problems in the sustainability of the supply chain. It’s great to see these issues gaining attention. You can help spread the word by reading them, starting conversations and sharing the articles with your friends.

Guide to Sustainable TextilesWriting about sustainability in textiles is one of the key features of this blog. In fact, my difficulty in finding quality articles on this topic was one of the reasons that I went into blogging in the first place! So it is no surprise that these are some of the most popular articles in my back catalogue. If you find these articles informative and helpful, you will also enjoy my comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Fashion. Purchasing a copy helps to support my continued research and work in this area.


Sustainable Fashion Know-How

Sustainable fashion sunglasses and dress for my capsule wardorbe

If you want to know where to find sustainable fashion, I’ve got you covered. From stockings to handbags, these articles will help you find an ethical and sustainable version of what you are looking for, so you don’t need to compromise on your ethics when you need something new. The most popular and useful posts in this category include: where to buy sustainable fashion basics, such as t-shirts and cotton underwear, where to buy tights, leggings, stocking and pantyhose, and where to buy yoga and activewear. This category also included popular items like ethical and sustainable lingerie and where to buy ethical and sustainable handbags and purses.

Specialist interest groups in my audience also get some attention. Mamas-to-be found the article on maternity wear really useful, and the vegan’s in my community have found the article on genuinely sustainable vegan shoes and sandals to be helpful.

Sustainable fashion guideAnd finally, we should never forget that not everyone has a lot of money to invest in their wardrobe. This is something that I am acutely aware of, having grown up in poverty. So my article on how to buy sustainable fashion on a tight budget comes from the heart, with lots of useful insights gleaned from my own experience. This article is also drawn from my self-guided course 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe. Only the last step involves any buying at all, so if you want to reduce your footprint, and untangle yourself from consumerism, then this is Guide+Workbook will help you do that. Again, choosing to purchase this guide helps to keep me writing, as well as being hugely useful to you as you reduce the impact of your wardrobe in 2018.


Sustainable Fashion by Locality

sustainable fashion label Pure Pod at Canberra's Fashfest

There are amazingly vibrant sustainable fashion communities emerging across the globe. Even so, Australia punches well above it’s weight when it comes to sustainable fashion. Perhaps not surprisingly then, my article on ten Australian sustainable fashion brands I recommend looking out for is one of my most popular.

I am also interested in the sustainable fashion scene that can be found in emerging communities. When one of my readers (who also happened to be a writer) in Malaysia connected with me, I asked whether she could share her insights into the sustainable fashion scene in Malaysia. This article is another popular one with readers.


Feminism and Fashion

The Fabric Social

As a committed feminist, it is perhaps not surprising that feminism would be a feature of this blog too. It is also a theme that resonates strongly with my readers. Readers were delighted to discover my favourite feminist fashion brand- The Fabric Social- and their unique blend of sustainable fashion, gender empowerment and peacebuilding.

2017 saw feminist activism come to the fore with the global women’s marches that protested Trump’s inauguration. After taking part in a sister march in my hometown Canberra, I felt a strong belief that we couldn’t leave our activism at that. We need to let activism be a part of our daily lives in small (and sometimes large) ways. So I followed up my article on fashion and beauty brands that progress women’s power. Clearly, I am not the only person that feels we can make feminism part of our purchasing habits, with this post being very popular over this past year.


DIY Sustainable Fashion

DIY recycled sari skirt image 2

Finally, although I have had less time for DIY myself this past couple of years, DIY sustainable fashion has still been popular. This tutorial for a handstitched skirt from vintage sari silk is a perennial favourite, and this guest post about how to dye with red cabbage is a new crowd favourite too.


The Blog in 2018

I am looking forward to another year of writing and advocating for sustainable fashion in 2018. I have some exciting new book projects on the horizon too. If you want to support this work, I greatly appreciate it if you became a patron of the blog. For the cost of just a coffee a month, you give me small financial support and the huge moral support needed to keep these bigger writing projects progressing. I am looking forward to the launch of one, and possibly two books in 2018.

My resilence guide for eco-activists is almost ready to launch, and I have started work on a really exciting book project that I hope to sign to a publishing house. I will look forward to sharing parts of this work as it progresses. I don’t know if I can get a publishing house on board, so your patronage could help ensure that this project makes it way in the world, with or without the backing of a publisher. Patrons can donate as little as $1 a month.

Thanks for being part of this community. I look forward to the conversations we have throughout the year.