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My Year of Intentional Consumption

This year, I have decided that my overarching theme to guide my life is “intentional consumption”. All year long I try to stay in touch with my values, and let these guide the choices I make in the day-to-day. But I also like the new year as a time of reflection and forward planning for what I want my life to look like. There will always be ways to do

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101 Small Ways to Live More Sustainably

We can always do better with our lifestyles. But it can be overwhelming to try to transform everything at once. Instead, try one thing at a time. The following article was written by Kamea Chayne for her lifestyle blog Conscious Whispers, to mark Earth Day. But every day should be Earth Day, so it is just as relevant now, as when it was written.  You care about the welfare of

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Mend and Make Do: Guide to Mending Your Woollens

Repairing your own clothes is an important part in the transition to a sustainable wardrobe. Fixing your clothes when they begin to show signs of wear will help to extend their life and save you some money in the process. Repairing things on your own can be very satisfying, especially when you use your creativity and try some visible mending techniques that add an interesting and individual touch to your

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