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Talking to your little ones about human trafficking

[pinterest] Following on from my post last week about the Parative Project, I thought you would be interested in this lovely little book about human trafficking. Conversations With My Daughter About Human Trafficking is written by Stephanie Hepburn, a journalist who has written extensively on the topic of human trafficking and who coauthored the book Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight*. She is also the founder of Good Cloth, the online

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Five Books that will Inspire You to Act

[pinterest] As human beings we seem supremely good at making excuses not to act. We are too busy, or too tired. We don’t have the skills or the confidence. We think we can’t make a difference. We think we don’t matter. Or we are too comfortable. How often have we decided not to do something that we care about due to one of these excuses? But if the world is

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Book Review: New Slow City by William Powers

[pinterest] Pause for a moment.                                                      Take a long slow breath. Stop.                                    Don’t do anything. Just breathe.   Consider this: What did you notice when you were on

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