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Eliminating Plastics From Your Home: why and how

There are many reasons to eliminate plastic from your home. For all the reasons to do this, some how to tips, here is a helpful post written by Stephanie Villano which originally appeared on her vegan lifestyle blog My Kind Closet.  Problem Material: Plastic Look in an average American kitchen and it’s bound to be brimming with all sorts of wasteful plastics: sandwich bags for the kids lunch, freezer bags

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Repurpose Tutorial: Beeswax Cotton Food Wraps

[pinterest] Do you have some beautiful cotton that you want to use but aren’t sure how? Have you collected some beautifully patterned pieces from old skirts and dresses but don’t feel confident to sew with them? Today’s tutorial is a lovely way for your to reuse cotton from dresses and skirts that you don’t have the skills or perhaps time to mend or upcycle into another garment. Recently I tore

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