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Ethical gifts to inspire, play and learn

This thoughtful gift guide was compiled by Leah Wise and original appeared on her ethical fashion and lifestyle blog Stylewise.  Clothes are great, but it’s safe to say I’ve accumulated more than enough. I’m fortunate to get nearly two weeks off of work around Christmas time, so I’m always looking for games, books, and other activities to enjoy as I savor long stretches of free time. In light of that,

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One Sustainable Change: Join your local food co-op

After taking a look through my pantry, I compose a shopping list. Buckwheat flour, cumin seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, raw cacao……the list goes on. Then gathering up a container for each, I pack my shopping bags, load them on my bike and enjoy twenty minutes of sunshine as I ride. Arriving at my destination I order a Fair-trade coffee, open my laptop and sit down to a couple of hours of

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Book Review: New Slow City by William Powers

[pinterest] Pause for a moment.                                                      Take a long slow breath. Stop.                                    Don’t do anything. Just breathe.   Consider this: What did you notice when you were on

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