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Eco-friendly statement necklace by rRadionica

I am a big lover of statement jewellery. A few key pieces of statement jewellery are the perfect addition to any sustainable wardrobe, as they offer an easy and eye catching way to dress up a plain t-shirt or dress. I am completely in love with this piece by Esty seller rRadionica. The piece is made up of a combination of eco-friendly materials- natural hemp twine and bamboo beads made from bamboo growing

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Elegant and modern eco-friendly jewellery

[pinterest] I have been on the hunt for a stylish sustainable alternative to classic precious metal and gemstone jewellery for quite sometime. I often feel guilty that my beautiful engagement and wedding rings weren’t purchased with ethical and sustainability considerations in mind. Whilst we believe that the majority of diamonds purchased in the west are conflict-free, in reality it is very difficult to be certain of this. Even those diamonds

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