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The benefits of linen, a beautiful sustainable textile

Linen is one of my absolute favourite sustainable textiles. It has been around for a very long time, and with good reason. Here is a little history of the textile, with a run down of it’s benefits. Linen is a the textile woven from the flax crop, which is endemic to Europe and Central Asia. It is a beautiful natural fibre that has been used for clothing for many thousands

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Where to find sustainable fashion on a tight budget

I grew up on welfare. In Australia, being a welfare kid does not disadvantage you as much as it does in the US. We still had a safe (rental home), access to fresh unprocessed food, and a good public education. But the budget was tight. We never ate out. We only went on camping holidays in national parks (which were free or close to free). We often shopped at charity

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10 Ethical Fashion & Beauty Brands that Progress Women’s Economic Power

I took my two little sons along to the Canberra sister event in solidarity with the Women’s March in the US. It was inspiring to be a part of the global sisterhood that stood up expressed our anger. (And I very much enjoy being a feminist leader for my little boys) But after the energy that went into the Women’s March across the globe this past weekend  it is important

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Restock your cooler weather wardrobe

We are in the height of summer in Australia, and it has been hot. But by coincidence, today feels more like autumn again. This weather is just so unpredictable. So whether you are in the southern hemisphere, or in the north, this post may be useful for you. If your cooler weather wardrobe is wearing out and needs updating or restocking, here are some lovely picks that might help you

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Ethical favouites for your transitional season wadobe

In Australia it is spring, but at times the weather has felt more like autumn. It is going to be a late summer again this year I think. This post was written by Leah Wise who is in the northern hemisphere. But it is equally useful for the weather we are experiencing in the south. You can find the original post on Style Wise.  Ethical Fall Favourites: A Virtual Capsule It’s

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Sustainable textile favourites: Wool & Alpaca

For warmth in the colder months, nothing beats the warmth of wool, and it is also a good sustainable textile to include in your wardrobe. Not all wool is made equal though, on the sustainability stakes nor on the ethics. Generally, if the wool comes from small artisanal farms, traditional farming methods, or certified organic farms, these are the best ways to ensure that your wool stacks up the best

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Sustainable Winter Wear on Sale

As we are coming into winter in the southern hemisphere, now is a great time to make sure you have enough warm clothing for the colder months. With the promise of warmer weather in the northern hemisphere buying new winter clothing may be the last thing on your mind. However, having just come out of winter you are in the perfect position to know what you will need next winter.

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Where to buy ethical and sustainable wardrobe essentials

[pinterest] A key element of a sustainable wardrobe is learning to live with less, and curating your wardrobe so that you can own fewer items that you wear more often. If you want to make a wardrobe work well with fewer items, you need to invest in a few key pieces that can be styled in multiple ways and paired with many of your other garments. Colours and patterns are

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Sustainable Stripes: Knitwear from Icebreaker

[pinterest] I love stripes. Stripes and polka dots are my two favourite prints. They are also two of the most ubiquitous prints you’ll find in fashion. And, unlike most other prints, stripes and polka dots don’t tend to date or go out of style. You can safely invest in these classic prints and know that you’ll still be happy to wear them in 10 years time. The trouble is, finding

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Organic Cotton Handknit Shrug

[pinterest] As the weather warms I am on the hunt for some great summer fashions. I am loving this unique summer shrug at the moment. Hand-knitted by London-based Esty seller ileaiye, from Fairtrade organic cotton yarn, it makes for guilt free shopping. Enjoy!   Tweet