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Ten Australian Sustainable Fashion Brands to Look Out For

What do you find most difficult about shopping for sustainable fashion? One of my readers told me that the most difficult thing for her was to find local sustainable fashion brands from her home country. If you also find this difficult, you will enjoy my new post series inspired by this difficulty. To kick off the series, I thought I should start with my home country, Australia. Down the track

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Green Your Workout with Kusaga Athletic

[pinterest] Passion for purpose. Passion for creating a solution for sustainability. I could hear this loud and clear when I spoke with Graham, Sydney-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Kusaga Athletic. It isn’t something that you can disguise and it certainly isn’t something you can fake. Kusaga Athletic is on a mission to green active wear, one race at a time. To make a difference. To have a positive impact on the climate. An

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2 Years of tortoise & lady grey

[pinterest] Wow! 2 years has really flown. The blog turned 2 yesterday and so this week I am looking back and looking forward. It has been such a wonderful journey writing this blog for you guys. I have crossed paths with so many passionate individuals- designers, other bloggers, and you my wonderful readers! The first year of tortoise & lady grey saw me finding my feet in the blogging word,

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Fighting Human Trafficking with Sustainable Tees

[pinterest] We shop sustainably to ensure that our consumer dollar does not have a negative impact on the world. But if we are thoughtful about where we put our money, our consumer dollar can do so much more. If you want your consumer dollar to have a positive impact on the world, you will love The Parative Project. The Parative Project aims to support women who have escaped trafficking situations in

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Take a Stand Against Planned Obsolesence with the 30 Year Sweatshirt

[pinterest] I must admit that when I think of fashion the last thing I think of is a sweatshirt. Even when dressed casually, a sweatshirt is just dressing it down a little too much for me. But then I discovered a sweatshirt that has such high sustainability credentials that I am reconsidering my position. This particular sweatshirt is sustainable fashion at it’s best, even if it is a little too

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Colour Therapy: The Warmth of Mustard

[pinterest] Mustard seems to be a colour I can’t get enough of at the moment. And last season that was easy- mustard was very on trend. But on trend or not, I still love the colour. Indeed, for a wardrobe to be sustainable it is important that the colours you choose will endure and you will continue to love them. This is why you don’t see me featuring neon on

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Effortless Sustainable Style by Amour Vert

[pinterest] When we shop sustainably we are certainly limited for choice compared to the hundreds of thousands of less ethical fashion brands available. Once upon a time, the decision to only buy sustainable fashion may have compromised on style. But it is good to know that this is no longer the case, and there really are plenty of stylish sustainable labels to satisfy our fashion desires whilst still taking care

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Three things I love: Parisian Chic Sustainable Stripes

[pinterest] Stripes, stripes stripes…….. You might be able to tell that I am a little obsessed. Just a little. But they never go out of style, so it is a very sensible fashion obsession for me to have. If you love stripes as much as I do then know that you can invest in a sustainable stripey number and not regret it. You will be still wearing it in five

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Where To Buy Sustainable Fashion Basics

When I started on my sustainable fashion journey I expected to find beautiful sustainable designer pieces to save up for invest in for my wardrobe. And I did find these easily. I also expected to find some plain basics such as organic cotton t-shirts. But I was certain that most basics- socks, underwear and alike- would be impossible to find. In the fashion world there is little glory in making

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Organic cowl neck top

[pinterest] I am loving the effortless style of this top from Etsy seller Gratefulthreads. Perfect for layering in the crisp evenings of late. Handmade in the US from organic hemp, it comes in natural (pictured here) or a range of colours hand-dyed with low impact dyes, making it an ideal sustainable wardrobe choice. Tweet

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