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Announcing the 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge

[pinterest] Whether you are starting out on your sustainable fashion journey, or you’ve been making changes towards a more sustainable wardrobe for a while, there can be a lot to get your head around. Sustainable fashion is so much more than just switching your fashion consumption to more ethical and sustainable brands. To maintain a more sustainable wardrobe we need to consider how we use the clothes we already own,

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5 Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow

[pinterest] When I started tortoise & lady grey, my aim was for this blog to bring together sustainable style inspiration, information about environmental issues in fashion, with learning skills to embrace a slow fashion approach to our wardrobes. The blog aims to be a comprehensive repository for information about sustainable fashion brands, accompanied by detailed articles that keep you well informed about sustainable fashion issues. My reason for this was

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More than just a label: How fashion social enterprises are creating positive change

[pinterest] There are many ethical and sustainable fashion labels that are doing fantastic work to change the way the fashion industry operates. These labels refuse to buy into the cult of cheap, and believe that fashion should be good quality, long lasting, and produced in a way that respects the environment and the lives of those skilled artisans who make the clothes. Many also work with artistic traditions that have

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Tips for ethical and sustainable shopping when travelling

[pinterest] I am lucky enough to have recently returned from a family holiday to China and Japan. This was my first overseas trip since making the decision to strictly abide by my ethics when it comes to shopping. Like any traveller, I love to bring home souvenirs that remind me of the places I have been. In fact, I have very few ornaments in my house that weren’t purchased on

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My versatile outfit: stylish street-wear to yoga-wear

[pinterest] There are many strategies for ensuring that your wardrobe is sustainable. One tip that I didn’t include in my top tips is to ensure versatility of your wardrobe, so that one item can be used in many ways, and one outfit can meet more than one purpose. Today I am wearing such outfit, which is stylish enough to be worn out socially, but practical enough that it can also be worn

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Top tips for a sustainable fashion wardrobe

Shopping for beautiful, eco-friendly and ethically made clothing is an essential part of any sustainable wardrobe. With more and more designers embracing ethical and environmental considerations as key elements of the design process, this is becoming easier and easier for eco-conscious fashion consumers. Yet this is only one part of the picture. Ensuring that you have a sustainable wardrobe involves a range of considerations, and ultimately it requires us to

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