Repurpose round-up: Prolonging the life of your jeans

If we are to improve the sustainability of our wardrobes, one of my key tips is for us to find creative ways to reuse and repurpose our clothing as they wear out of go out of style. The longer we can avoid our clothing ending up in landfill, the greater the sustainability of our closets. For my first repurpose round up, I have curated a collection of DIY tutorials to assist you

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Eco-friendly statement necklace by rRadionica

I am a big lover of statement jewellery. A few key pieces of statement jewellery are the perfect addition to any sustainable wardrobe, as they offer an easy and eye catching way to dress up a plain t-shirt or dress. I am completely in love with this piece by Esty seller rRadionica. The piece is made up of a combination of eco-friendly materials- natural hemp twine and bamboo beads made from bamboo growing

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Ethical and sustainable lingerie by Madonna Bain

[pinterest] If you thought it impossible to find sexy lingerie that was ethical and sustainable, think again. Australian based label Madonna Bain produces their entire lingerie line from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. The range is ethically produced in Indonesia and the designer works closely with her factory workers on production of the pieces. GOTS certification ensures the highest standards for minimising environmental impact. Look great, and feel good

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Slow fashion DIY tutorial: Tea-dyed hand-printed t-shirt

[pinterest] Since making the decision to exclusively buy sustainable fashion, the one thing I have missed is cute t-shirts. It is easy to find beautiful and stylish investment pieces- tailored dresses, stylish blouses, skirts with interesting prints- but when it comes to more affordable items like t-shirt and tops, the ethical clothing and sustainable fashion selection seems to be pretty plain. I have searched high and low for polka dots

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Human rights in fashion: the importance of slow fashion DIY

[pinterest] On October 16th I joined with more than 100 bloggers worldwide to start a conversation about human rights in fashion. To catch up on the thoughtful analysis of my fellow bloggers, check out the Blog Action Day Round Up, with coverage of some of the major posts of the day. You can check out my original post here. In  my opinion, one of the major reasons that fashion has become such

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Elegant and modern eco-friendly jewellery

[pinterest] I have been on the hunt for a stylish sustainable alternative to classic precious metal and gemstone jewellery for quite sometime. I often feel guilty that my beautiful engagement and wedding rings weren’t purchased with ethical and sustainability considerations in mind. Whilst we believe that the majority of diamonds purchased in the west are conflict-free, in reality it is very difficult to be certain of this. Even those diamonds

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Human friendly fashion: an outfit

[pinterest] Today is Blog Action Day 2103, the day when members of the Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers network come together online to start a conversation about fashion and human rights. Human rights in fashion is important to me because I firmly believe that no person should suffer human rights abuses in order for me to wear beautiful clothing. Unfortunately the great majority of clothing in our stores is made in

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Organic Cotton Handknit Shrug

[pinterest] As the weather warms I am on the hunt for some great summer fashions. I am loving this unique summer shrug at the moment. Hand-knitted by London-based Esty seller ileaiye, from Fairtrade organic cotton yarn, it makes for guilt free shopping. Enjoy!   Tweet

Top tips for a sustainable fashion wardrobe

Shopping for beautiful, eco-friendly and ethically made clothing is an essential part of any sustainable wardrobe. With more and more designers embracing ethical and environmental considerations as key elements of the design process, this is becoming easier and easier for eco-conscious fashion consumers. Yet this is only one part of the picture. Ensuring that you have a sustainable wardrobe involves a range of considerations, and ultimately it requires us to

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Organic cowl neck top

[pinterest] I am loving the effortless style of this top from Etsy seller Gratefulthreads. Perfect for layering in the crisp evenings of late. Handmade in the US from organic hemp, it comes in natural (pictured here) or a range of colours hand-dyed with low impact dyes, making it an ideal sustainable wardrobe choice. Tweet