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Chic Kid-Friendly Outfits for the Eco-Conscious Mama

I’ve always been eco-conscious. Even as a teenager and young adult. But sustainable fashion became even more significant to me after having children. The ethical and environmental impact of my clothing choices became exponentially more important when I considered the lessons I wanted my children to learn and the world I want to leave behind for future generations. As a mama I want to wear clothes that are stylish and

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Effortless Sustainable Style by Amour Vert

[pinterest] When we shop sustainably we are certainly limited for choice compared to the hundreds of thousands of less ethical fashion brands available. Once upon a time, the decision to only buy sustainable fashion may have compromised on style. But it is good to know that this is no longer the case, and there really are plenty of stylish sustainable labels to satisfy our fashion desires whilst still taking care

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3 Things I Love: Organic cotton dresses from ModCloth

[pinterest] When I first came across ModCloth, I really loved the concept of this online retailer. ModCloth stocks and promotes indie designers, giving customers access to a greater range of interesting and unique styles, and an alternative to the fast fashion copy-cat pieces that we see in many of the popular fashion chains. A great concept that I really wanted to support, but the problem for me was that they didn’t

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