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Where to buy ethical and sustainable lingerie

When you’ve committed to creating a sustainable fashion wardrobe you will eventually need to investigate where to buy ethical and sustainable lingerie. I have already covered where you can buy ethical underwear of the basics kind, but what if you want something a bit more special? Luckily there are already a great number of ethical and sustainable lingerie options, if you know where to look. Secondly, lingerie is very light,

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Ethical and sustainable wooden sunglasses by Coral Tree

If you are looking to buy ethical and sustainable sunglasses, the handcrafted wooden beauties by Coral Tree* are a stylish option. When I lost my old pair of sunglasses I knew I had to replace them with a sustainable pair. I was delighted when I uncovered Coral Tree* in my research. The make sunglasses for guys and gals, and many of their styles are unisex, making it easy to find what you need.

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Sustainable Stripes: Knitwear from Icebreaker

[pinterest] I love stripes. Stripes and polka dots are my two favourite prints. They are also two of the most ubiquitous prints you’ll find in fashion. And, unlike most other prints, stripes and polka dots don’t tend to date or go out of style. You can safely invest in these classic prints and know that you’ll still be happy to wear them in 10 years time. The trouble is, finding

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