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Where to buy sustainable vegan shoes and sandals

There are significant environmental benefits to choosing a vegan wardrobe (and choosing to stick with vegan shoes and sandals over leather ones), but vegan fashion is an sector that is full of greenwashing. I have seen countless examples of vegan fashion labels claiming their products as ‘sustainable’ ‘green’or ‘eco-friendly’ when they use PVC, a plastic that is so toxic that Greenpeace campaign against it’s use. So if you want to

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Eco-friendly heels for New Years

[pinterest] Day-to-day I prefer the practicality and comfort of flats. Lately I seem to pair my Duckfeet sandals with almost everything- from work-wear to running about the park with my toddler. But for New Years and other special occasions, I do like to have a few nice pairs of heels to choose from. Coclico shoes are perfect for the sustainably conscious shoe-lover. Their range of shoes are produced using vege-tanned leather, wood, recycled

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